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Got a Maxi Taxi or Buggybob?

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MBB Fri 28-Dec-01 13:15:57

I'm looking at travel systems v 3-wheelers and have found what seems to be an ideal combination of the two in a Maxi Taxi total baby travel system and also a Bobobline buggybob. I could really do with a 3 wheeler as am moving to the countryside before the baby is due and will spend a lot of time walking a v active dog.

The Maxi Taxi total price for 3 wheeler (£249.95) plus car seat (£64.95) plus pram attachement (£129.95) is a massive £444.85!! (although I suppose the pram attachment isn't absolutley necessary). Can't find a price for the Buggybob.

Does anyone have either of these or any comments on them? Thanks

bigmamaward Tue 01-Jan-02 01:21:43

I bought the Maxi Citi (4 wheeler version of the Taxi) and am actually going to have to buy Maclaren Techno for the following reasons:

It weighs a tonne
It's difficult to fold up
It's got a useless shopping basket

As I will be taking daughter through London rush hour I need something more lightweight and portable.

On the plus side it is very comfy, the pram bit we used as her main cot for 6 weeks and she loves going out for walks in it, so if you're not going to need to fold it up or carry it much it's a good one. The car seat is excellent and we will be buying the bigger one when she grows out of it - even the cats like sitting in it!!

nikki123 Wed 03-Apr-02 19:40:55

I too am considering the buggybob and have been looking at the prices today. Mothercare have an offer on for the buggybob +car seat for 169.99 which I feel is very reasonable.

MBB Thu 04-Apr-02 12:32:33

I ended up staying away from 3 wheelers in the end and have ordered a M&P 3 in 1. The main reasons for this were:
most of the 3 wheelers I like were so heavy and I couldn't see me being able to lift them into the back of the car.
not many had swivel wheels, and also seemed quite ungainly and difficult to manouvre (when not out and about in a field!)
air wheels get punctures!

I still love the styling of the buggybob and have seen quite a few around so they must be ok, but I do agree with bigmamaward that weight is a huge concern when actually using the thing. (Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? I'm not due for another 8 weeks!)

Enid Thu 04-Apr-02 15:59:11

I live in a very rural area and have the Maxi Cosi Boogie (fore-runner of Taxi system). It has been absolutely brilliant for walking around here, handles all terrain with ease. I never really liked the car seat attachment as I think it looks a bit weird, but the 3-wheeler itself has been a godsend for country walks.

Buy a lightweight buggy too and keep it in the back of the car for shopping trips. I have a daytripper which has been fine for this kind of light-ish 'urban' use!

Enid Thu 04-Apr-02 16:01:26

Don't get a 3-in-1! Only useful for a short time and the buggy part is nearly too big and heavy to be truly portable.

There are always at least 10 of them in our local paper every week which makes me think they can't be that useful.

gribber Wed 18-Sep-02 19:12:29

The Buggybob is incredibly heavy and also takes up a lot of space. Despite its weight, we have also found it to be rather fragile - so far the breaks have broken and the chassis has cracked in two. Not even Grandpa's ministrations could mend that one!

ionesmum Wed 18-Sep-02 21:05:02

We have a maxi-taxi and the wheels kept punturing. Also it was huge for taking to the shops. As soon as dd could sit up we bought a MacLaren buggy and I find going out so much easier. I've never even used the maxi-taxi as a buggy come to think of it!

BTW I thought I'd need a three-wheeler for walking our dog. Ha! Dh now does that, I'm either too tired or too busy - I can't manage dd and the dog at the same time although we do have a lunatic labrador which doesn't help.

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