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HELP! Girls (ahem, well ok, ladies) night London - food -retro (70's 80's disco)

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lynniep Sat 06-Oct-12 13:44:29

Ok, maybe you luvverley mumsnetters can assist. I am trying to organise a night out for about 8 of us - we are all of the 'born early 70's' variety and like to have a good retro boogie.

As usual its proving a bit difficult to organise. None of us actually live in London anymore, but its the best central point for everyone to get to by public transport.

The place that caught my eye was the Peacock as this combines food, show and cheese fest all in one place. But apparently Clapham Junction is too South for those of use who have to get back north of London ( I was going to stay the night and leave DH to it, but some have to get back home for younger babies) So I've booked it just in case, but there are folk that arent keen.

So I really need suggestions for something more central. It doesnt have to be one venue. I'm happy with a restaurant (chain is fine, we don't much care - needs to be cheapish though and probably italian as that seems to suit everyone including the veggies)

Afterwards is an issue. Club. Suitable for us not-so-spring chickens although we don't mind mingling with the students (one of us is a student!). Eighties music. Central (ish) Not expensive to get in. Not expensive when you are in there. I know theres revival (leicester square) but I'm afeard despite being 'retro' it will still be a bit too trendy for us gals.


YesThisTime Sat 06-Oct-12 13:59:35

I wouldn't recommend the Peacock. Was full of braying, letchy idiots when I went there and didn't have the fun, friendly vibe that I had hoped for at all.

What about guilty pleasures at Koko? Lots of fun.

YesThisTime Sat 06-Oct-12 14:05:00

Oh and a really fun night out is the piano bar on Kensington High Street. It would be perfect for a girls night out as you can book a table, order some food and have a chat during the early stages of the evening. They do nice tapasy things.

Then have a raucous sing song around the piano as the wine kicks in! They play a real mix of stuff - piano bar classics but also modern stuff and pop classics too. It's a really brilliant night out.

The only thing is I've never found any decent clubs round there for after they kick you out about midnight. Have always been a bit too pissed for clubbing though, if the truth be told...

lynniep Sat 06-Oct-12 14:17:14

thanks I will have a look at those

lynniep Sat 06-Oct-12 15:24:35

I'm changing my spec. I think what I actually want now is a late night restaurant/bar which IS all in one place and does dancing later

drewdrops Mon 22-Oct-12 19:13:00

like the sound of that piano bar place in kensington- what are the prices like?

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