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What exercise can I do?

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hollybet Mon 29-Dec-03 16:13:49

I need more exercise, in fact I just need some exercise! In the new year (ha ha!) I am going to make a determined effort. I have worked out that there are three times in the week that I don't have children, Monday for an hour when they are both at Boys Brigade, Tuesday for 2 hours when they see their Dad (liable to change - see other thread!) and Fridays while they are football training, another 2 hours.
I can't join a gym because of the expense, would love to go swimming but can only do one length front crawl - never mastered the other strokes! and would hate the thought of running round the streets apart from which I live at the top of a hill!!
I am totally unfit and the slightest bit of exertion leaves me puffing and panting, what can i do to turn this lump of flabby lard into a lean mean somthing of other?

and I still cant remember how to change my name back to lilibet!

dinosaur Mon 29-Dec-03 16:18:52

Change of nickname - click on Getting Started - about halfway down the page there is an option to change your nickname.

What about brisk walking?

SueW Mon 29-Dec-03 17:13:51

Walk. That's what got my first 2.5 stone off when I started WW. And what I'll be using to get the same 2.5 stone off now that I've regained it

JanH Mon 29-Dec-03 17:46:17

lilibet, that's one of my NY resolutions and I am *intending* to do a brisk 20-30 minute walk every day - in a different direction each day! I hate swimming, couldn't face running and would never go to a gym (I joined one once, complete waste of money). The kids could do it with you too - you could have fast-walking races! - so you wouldn't be retricted to when they're not there, and you can do it any time of day or night that suits you.

It does work - I used to walk to Sainsburys when I worked there, it was up and down 2 small hills and I was always late so had to go very fast, the first hill is short but steep and to begin with I was really breathless but after a few weeks (3-4 days a week) I didn't notice it. Good luck!

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