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Stressed out

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wildwestapplepie Wed 03-Oct-12 19:03:54

I am very worried lately about myself. I used to be very patient, companionate and gentle person that could get along with just about everybody. Lately, I became bickering, grumpy, yelling, “have no patience whatsoever”, picky, “sweating the smallest stuff”, kind of person. Whole day long (while at work, away from my house and my kids) I keep telling myself, that today would be the day when I would turn the leaf and enter my house with a big smile on my face, I would not spend the evening scolding my kids and criticizing them for every little thing, I would not be getting all worked up over the staff my husband did not do, but left to me to do etc. However, as soon as I get through the door and kids start bombarding me with wining, questions and complaints that is it, back to my old self. Anybody else out there who wants to share. Any advice how to stay sane in the insane world?

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