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Norrie Carr agency

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t1zzy Sun 19-May-13 07:32:46

anyone go for the assesment whats it like?

SiennalilysMummy Tue 02-Oct-12 20:03:23

Hi ladies could anyone give an info on nca my dd has an assessment with them next week but we just want to know what their like..?!

slou28 Fri 28-Sep-12 08:20:26

Hi we have just joine Norrie Carr!

Bookywook Wed 26-Sep-12 10:14:54

Feel free to PM me...

Poppedcorn Mon 24-Sep-12 23:11:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poppedcorn Mon 24-Sep-12 23:10:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lily15 Mon 24-Sep-12 19:42:56

Do you mind if I pm you?

Bookywook Mon 24-Sep-12 09:34:17

I did for a year - what do you need to know?

Lily15 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:33:11

Hi has anyone else got a LO signed with NCA? X

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