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HOW do you get rid of dried up banana stains from clothes?

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Tinker Sun 19-Mar-06 11:52:03



spidermama Sun 19-Mar-06 12:19:05

IME you don't. Sorry.

Banana has to be washed off immediately, or it's there forever.

Miaou Sun 19-Mar-06 12:28:19

I was sure you'd have the answer spidey!

NannyL Sun 19-Mar-06 13:01:13

ok..... this probably wont be what you want to here but im gonna tell you anyway...

5 years ago my little charge was car sick... (well regurgitated banana while in the car) all over my pale pink top (the only form of cloth in the car!)... we washed it loads of times and it was clear it was NEVER gonna come out.... tried everything imaginable...

In the end i admitted defeat.... i BLEACHED it and you could still see where it was then DIED it DARK blue... its still one of my favourite causual tops.... i wear it LOADS and it gets washed loads aswell.... Even now 5 Years later if you look carefully you can still see where the banana was!

Nbg Sun 19-Mar-06 13:02:42

A spray called De-solveit.

It does get out banana stains.

hermykne Sun 19-Mar-06 13:03:14

or napisan?

Tinker Sun 19-Mar-06 14:17:45

De-solvit - where from?

FioFio Sun 19-Mar-06 14:20:38

Message deleted

Tinker Sun 19-Mar-06 14:24:12

So many tops are ruined by it

Nbg Sun 19-Mar-06 14:29:40

can get it from most supermarkets. I've bought it from Asda in the past and it's been near things like stain devils.

It's only in a small aerosol can and it's blue.

Tinker Sun 19-Mar-06 14:30:14


Laura032004 Sun 19-Mar-06 14:56:46

Will this even work if the stain has been there a while, or does it have to be used immediately? Loads of ds's bibs got ruined by banana - they all look like they've got black mould on them [yuk emoticon!] so I had to switch to plastic bibs.

spursmum Sun 19-Mar-06 15:02:04

I love de-solv-it. It got out the blood from mine and ds' shirts when he smashed his teeth out.
His england shirt looked like the away kit, there was that much blood.
The stuffs a god send!!

Tinker Sun 19-Mar-06 18:19:41

Just bought some, eager to use it.

Nbg Mon 20-Mar-06 10:42:23

It does get out old stains.
It was my MIL that introduced me to the stuff. She said she'd tried it on FIL's clothes as he'd got tarpaulin on them and it shifted that so she suggested I tried it on dd's banana stained clothes.
It got them all out.

starlover Mon 20-Mar-06 10:46:32

i am going to show dp this! he insists that the disgusting mouldy looking stuff on ds's top isn't banana "how can banana stain?" etc etc!


spidermama Mon 20-Mar-06 11:07:33

Let us know how you get on Tinker.

I'm still sceptical that banana stains can be removed by anything except scissors.

grammymary Tue 07-Jul-15 00:59:32

My daughter-in-law came over with several baby clothes with permanent banana stains. I tried my tried-and- true stain remover of 1 part Dawn dishwashing soap (blue) and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. I was so disappointed that it only partially removed the stains. I folded them up and put them on the washer. The next morning I looked at them, and the stains were gone! Don't give up! It worked!

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