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So if Christmas is for children...

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merrymarthamoo Mon 22-Dec-03 21:41:07

why, when I was in town today, was every parent I saw (except one Dad with two happy boys, all laughing together ) screeching at their children?

"Will you shuuut uuuup!!!"

"Right, that's it, yer gettin' nuffink on Christmas Day!"

"Yer doin' me 'ead in!"

Most civilised I heard (Mum to son) was "I am so disappointed in you today...I'll be ringing Santa tonight." it!!!!

whymummy Mon 22-Dec-03 21:57:25

lol marthamoo
we went to the supermarket tonight and it was madness,almost like watching a game of rugby,people banging into each other,arguing,crashing their trolleys and chasing whoever got the last turkey down the aisles
love it too

angelanais Mon 22-Dec-03 21:58:36

Shocking, isn't it? I went to give blood a couple of weeks ago, was talking to the nurse about christmas and kids and she was laughing about how they tell her grandchild that if she's bad santa won't come. I think it's horrible.

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