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If dh snores any louder it could the neighbours will be knocking!

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lavender1 Mon 22-Dec-03 19:50:58

Crikey, dh has now collapsed into a heap on the sofa after a hard day's drinking and has been snoring...I give him a nudge as am trying to watch TV or something and then 5 minutes later it's snoringland! I'm kind of accustomed to it as relatives done this..does anyone else's dh snore or growl when asleep.

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 19:52:41

It's either DH or a drunken warthog that comes to bed and does this. Occasionally he stops breathing for a short while too which is really irritating!

FairyLou Mon 22-Dec-03 19:54:11

Why is that Tinsel, cos he starts breathing again ?

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 19:56:08

It's the suspense, waiting for the next snore. Just as you get to the "OMG! He's actually dead this time!" stage it all starts again.

hmb Mon 22-Dec-03 20:03:26

Dh snores like a warthog. Even more annoying is when he softly breaths on my arm when he is asleep. Even I can't wake him up and tell him off for breathing!

jac34 Mon 22-Dec-03 20:05:29

My DH snores really loudly on a normal night, but when he's had a drink it's deafening !!!
If he's been out I usually don't get any sleep that night.Luckily, he does not go out all that often but it's still very annoying.
I tried getting him to sleep in the spare room after nights out,but he would get up for the loo and after come back to bed with me !!!
My Mum and Dad sometimes stay at our house if they come into town for the evening. One night they returned from the theatre, they stepped out of the taxi and could hear DH in bed snoreing, from the pavement outside !!!!! And he hadn't had a drink !!!

boozysoozywong Mon 22-Dec-03 20:07:46

I have a warthog too HMB. He has been kipping on a futon in DS1's room since spring (I thrashed around too much to share a bed with when PG with DS2 and now DS2 is snuggle up with me) I would like him to come back in to the marital bed when baby goes in cot next month, but don't want to spend time in Holloway as I may have to kill him.

Evanlychorus Mon 22-Dec-03 20:10:24

my dh used to snore so badly I could still hear him even when he was chucked out into the spare room - and that's up one flight of stairs. sleep deprivation so bad was considering sending him to live somewhere else and he could visit when he was awake! ended up with surgery - alternative was divorce, honestly. nasty op (surgeon describes it as 'removing all your throat furniture) but SOOOO much better. am sure we wouldn't have ds if this hadn't been sorted. if you really can't stand it, do ask your doc about this option.

FairyLou Mon 22-Dec-03 20:11:32

Tinsel, maybe you could iron "wake up" onto his chest next time, in homage to your ironing rant!

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 20:12:57

pinch his nose

lavender1 Mon 22-Dec-03 20:13:29

Do you think a light slap on the cheek and glass of ice cold water accidentally falling out of my hand would be an option

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 20:29:29

I don't think I'd get past the first stroke of the W before he woke up, FairyLou

I generally find that turning over in bed vigourously tends to work or elbowing him in the ribs. DH has also, on occasion, woken up to find me muttering "Oh FFS!"

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 20:30:19

Oooh! Go for the icy water! Or do you know if putting someone's hand in a bucket of lukewarm water really does make them wet themselves?

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 20:31:23

no tinseldragon!!!!

melsy Mon 22-Dec-03 20:34:09

ohmigod it drives me into a stuper - like sleeping with a bloody forghorn/warthog. So flippin annoying when u r in and out of bed for baby, and the chance u get to have the little sleep window is stopped because it is SOOOO loud, I have to have complete SILENCE to get to sleep. It makes me want to hit him really hard at night.So I end up hitting the bed in temper like a demented person !!!

prettycandles Mon 22-Dec-03 21:48:21

TinselDragon - if your dh often stops breathing while he's snoring, then he needs to go to the doctor because he might have sleep apnoea, which can be dangerous.

Does anyone have a dh who doesn't snore? I remember the bliss of waking up with him after our first night together and thinking how lucky I was that I had found a non-snoring man. How disillusioned I then became. But by then I'd got used to him, and I just shove him (hard!) and tell him to roll over. Of course I'd much rather not have to wake up to do it!

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 21:55:50

rarely snores...only if had a big big drink.....
am quite lukcy...

Evanlychorus Mon 22-Dec-03 23:01:23

ah, how cute it is when ds (5 months) snores... and how unbearable it was when dh used to!

SnowmAngeliz Mon 22-Dec-03 23:58:53

my dp snores and i do TinselDragons thing of turning over (or jumping around) very vigorously in the bed!I also thump the bed and swear and hate him at that point in time! At the mo, we sleep seperate just to keep sanity as he also is shattered at me waking him ALL night

motherinfestivemood Tue 23-Dec-03 15:33:40

Sadly, dp sleeps on his side and STILL snores. He claims I do too, but that IMO IS NOT THE POINT. I find shouting very loudly in his ear can help my feelings of murderous rage if nothing else.

mistletoes Tue 23-Dec-03 16:01:50

My DH doesn't snore unless he's had a drink, which of course is every night. I resort to pushing shoving him repeatedly thru the night.

Snugs Wed 24-Dec-03 15:21:51

TinselDragon - I just wanted to highlight prettycandles message re sleep apnoea. Please get your dh to visit his GP and get it checked out. My dad had this and it was a major factor in the 3 strokes he suffered. Ask for him to be referred to a sleep clinic for proper tests.

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