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Ideas to keep kids occupied at adult party!

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smartie Mon 22-Dec-03 19:17:26

We're off to a family wedding at the begining of January, kids will be bridesmaids and page boy. Only problem is they're the only kids invited. I have decided to organise a bag of goodies to keep them occupied, particularly during the 1st couple of hours of the reception. Trouble is that's as far as my idea goes! What can I give to keep them happy and quiet for a while?
They are;
dc (female cousin!) 10yrs
ds 9yrs
dd1 6yrs
dd2 3yrs

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 19:18:51

we bought the littleones at our wedding sticker books
also an idea is to give the older ones a disposable camera....that will keep them occupied!!!!
prizes for the best photos!!!

hohoferkinho Mon 22-Dec-03 21:03:59


CRYSTmassurvivALTIPS Mon 22-Dec-03 21:24:13

Here goes ... been there myself !!

* Colouring
* Top Trump Cards ( Great )
* Game Boys
* Give each one a disposable camera ( great to see the wedding at knee height ! )

Will keep thinking !

smartie Tue 23-Dec-03 08:09:49

Thankyou for your ideas, several good ones.
Phenergan. Hmmm... now there's a thought.

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