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Anyone know Addlestone in Surrey?

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CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 14:48:15

Is it a nice place to live, what are the schools like etc?

Have spotted a lovely house there

\link{\my new home?

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 14:48:56

my new home ?

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 15:05:25


quanglewangle Thu 16-Mar-06 15:20:04

Ooh it looks lovely. Sorry can't help though, I am ooop north.

MrsRecycle Thu 16-Mar-06 15:52:26

Must be - my sister's lived there most of her life. My bil has a hairdressers shop there. My nieces go to school there. Its close to the M25 and Thorpe Park. I couldn't live there though - a bit too quiet for my liking (I like the husstle and busstle of London). The house looks lovely and I think there are a few schools close by (not sure how good they are though - check ofsted).

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 16:28:38


notasheep Thu 16-Mar-06 17:11:55

Addlestone is a dive-I use to live and work there.

Chicagomum-sorry i always seem to appear negative on the area.I remember you were looking at Weybridge before-definately a better choice.

Also West Byfleet/Byfleet/Cobham/Chobham.

Sorry almost forgot East Horsley

notasheep Thu 16-Mar-06 17:14:20

However it does look a gorgeous house-just my style!

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 17:27:25

I know notasheep the house is perfect I could easily live with the decor etc so wouldn't have to change aqnything.

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 19:12:24

Anyone else know anything about this area?

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 19:54:25

Cheeky bump. I would like to arrange a viewing this weekend if the area is worth it, so any advice most welcome.

notasheep Thu 16-Mar-06 19:58:09

Go with your gut instinct.
Who wrote the description i wonder? as one does!

Seriously i would move in that house tomorrow, however with the job i had i still say no to the area but really dont want to be public about my past career!

cod Thu 16-Mar-06 19:58:52

Message withdrawn

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 20:01:46

What is so bad about the area though?

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 20:03:40

My gut instinct is I love that house, but as the whole point of this move is to get to a better area, more space, good schools (all in all a better quality of life for the family) it has to be more than just about a fantastic house.

Norah Thu 16-Mar-06 20:09:09

I work there - it's fine ! Very convenient - roads quite busy at rush hour - I don't know the actual road but that is a lovely house ! If we were in the market for moving I would go for it big time !

I don't think Addlestone is a dive - its a nice residential area - with excellent access to loads of amenities. Not sure what schools etc are like

I'd make an appointment and see what you think - I could go and drive around the road at busy times if you are interseted and want to know how congested etc it gets.

Norah Thu 16-Mar-06 20:09:45

PS. have you "up my streeted it ?"

mandieb Thu 16-Mar-06 20:11:49

Good points are its next to Weybridge . What road is it on ,

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 20:11:51

Thanks norah (don't you dare steal it from under my nose ). What do you mean by "up my street it"?

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 20:13:01

I do like weybridge, but so far nothing there is on the market that has what we need.

CHICagoMUM Thu 16-Mar-06 20:14:32

the road is "chapel avenue" in addlestone.

Norah Thu 16-Mar-06 20:14:49

It's a website - and you type in the postcode or part address and it tells you all about the area - local schools, what kind of social groups live there etc - go and have a look - it's fabulous !

Don't worry - not moving for a good few years yet !

Norah Thu 16-Mar-06 20:16:31

For what it's worth - loads of people call Addlestone Weybridge anyway - my office is in New Haw and is known as "weybridge" - so you could save the premium on Weybridge houses !

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 16-Mar-06 20:23:59

Ah, so this is where you have been hiding......

mandieb Thu 16-Mar-06 21:12:57

Sorry dont know where that road is but go and have a look for yourself .I heard a rumour that they were going to move the people from Feltham in council housing to Addleston while they did the housing up over there . I cant comment on Feltham .

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