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For IT people - getting my microphone to work

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HappyHollyHulababy Sun 21-Dec-03 11:15:36

Hi. Hope someone can help.

I have just got a webcam for using on MSN and that works fine. But it didn't come with its own microphone. Have got a multimedia microphone from my dad. Tried plugging it in but it doesn't work. What else do I need to do.

BTW, I do have the sound up!

Thanks you if you can help!

popsycal Sun 21-Dec-03 11:17:19

er, hulababy, aren't you an IT person??????

HappyHollyHulababy Sun 21-Dec-03 11:18:04

Hoping no one would realsie that Popsycal!!!!

I have staff for that at school - that's my excuse!

popsycal Sun 21-Dec-03 11:18:38

yes - i agreee.....
i will keep quiet....

HappyHollyHulababy Sun 21-Dec-03 12:57:27


Snugs Sun 21-Dec-03 14:49:30

You have to manually set the volume control. There are a couple of things you can try.

I use Windows XP so you might have to muddle throught these directions if you are on anything else:
Go to -
Control Panel; Sounds Speech Audio Devices; Sounds and Audio; click on the voice tag and ensure the recording volume is high enough.

Or try:

Programs; Accessories; Entertainment; Sound Recorder. Do a test record and ensure it is picking up your voice. Adjust volume pickup as required.

If neither of these work, post again and I will try to remember what else I did when I set mine up!


HappyHollyHulababy Mon 22-Dec-03 08:58:36

Thanks Snug. I tried that and it wouldn't work. BIL has e-mailed since though and we have cracked it. It was all to do with selecting the microphone on the volume icon (bottom bar). I knew it'd be something simple but just couldn't get there.

Thanks anyway.

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