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Chinchillyweather Sat 20-Dec-03 23:03:12

Yippee - I've won a second on this site (and my second in my life I think! )

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Mumsnet! I can't wait to hear what I have won...

SantaBaby34 Sat 20-Dec-03 23:07:32

Message withdrawn

Chinchillyweather Sat 20-Dec-03 23:11:35

Ds would LOVE the dumper truck. However, I am just chuffed to have won him something/anything...

Demented Sun 21-Dec-03 13:19:26

All the prizes this week looked great, especially the truck, congratulations!

MarinativityPlay Sun 21-Dec-03 20:13:59

Yes, well done Chinchillyweather! I won some baby luggage a while ago and it was delivered really promptly and is gorgeous (dd a bit young to do anything except stare at it...). I hope you're as pleased with your prize as I was!

Chinchillyweather Mon 22-Dec-03 20:48:24

Thanks everyone. And congratulations to Hughsie and Metrobaby as well!

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 20:51:18

how on earth do you win,....i keep on entering and nothing!!
cngrats everyone though!!!!

Chinchillyweather Mon 22-Dec-03 20:53:33

I'm not sure if it a 'luck of the draw' thing, or whether they are looking for a specific thing in each competition. I guess the former though!

Tinker Mon 22-Dec-03 21:27:06

Oh, do you have to enter something to win?

MarinativityPlay Tue 23-Dec-03 20:03:49

It's luck of the draw, I submit reviews or tips depending on the competition requirements and the chat nickname for everyone who entered gets put into an electronic hat. I don't think there is any selection based on quality of tip/review! You'd better keep them coming, Popsycal...I've been on Mumsnet over three years and that was my first ever win. Hope your luck comes up sooner

popsycal Tue 23-Dec-03 20:06:35

no competition this week let them off since its xmas!!

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