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waste and wanton destruction of the toddler!!!!!

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jinglybits Mon 13-Mar-06 19:38:41

i list:
...and this is just today, and just what i can remember off-hand
1) shredded large part of my unread magazine (2pounds)

2)refused to eat dinner and threw most of on floor (estimated 1.20)

3) snapped monsters inc dvd (approx 18 pounds)

4) peeled part of wallpaper which will need painting over in magnolia, i have none and will have to buy a tester pot (1.50 estimated cost)

5) somehow dialed out on my mobile phone using up all my remaining credit (2.50 ish)

6) jumped up and down on my bed vigourously straight after lunch thus making self sick and resulting in covers needing wash (unknown amount of cost of loading washine machine)

...and i'm sure i've forgotten (blanked out!) loads more

arrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, give me strength!

sleepycat Mon 13-Mar-06 19:44:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinyGang Mon 13-Mar-06 19:45:52

I would have to add my costs in red wine - they they drive me to drink!

jinglybits Mon 13-Mar-06 19:47:42

ha ha

callan25 Sat 15-Sep-12 17:26:15

mine has spent the last 3/4 months working on the carpet and underlay in his room. Its so upsetting cos its not even our house and could loose our deposit. Cant discipline him either cos in that mood he thinks naughty chair is a game and spends over an hour running round whilst my blood boils. Thought we were over this months ago, clearly not sad angry

DD has ruined three carpets, pretty much all of her toys, a set of blinds and we keep finding more stuff each day, all when she went a bit picasso with the white paint DP had been painting her room with. Going to cost us hundreds to fix.

She also rips anything she can. Books, newspapers, anything at all.

She took the poker to the wall also so that will more than likely need re plastered.

Honestly, shes so destructive for a little princess!

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