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My dh may be irritating but I love him because........

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handlemecarefully Fri 19-Dec-03 09:13:30

Its natural enough to moan about your partner (god knows, they give us enough ammunition), and I carp on about dh all the time. But since it is the season of goodwill I thought it might be time to reflect on the good things about dh...anyone want to join in?

(I hope this thread isn't insensitive to those women hooked up with real ba*t*rds)

My dh is irritating but I love him because:

* he is easygoing and manfully puts up with my incessant whingeing with good humour
* he is good natured and tends to think the best about people
* he adores dd and watching them together makes me well up sometimes
* he can be very witty and funny (sometimes!)

Wow that makes a change from moaning about him!

Festivefly Fri 19-Dec-03 09:15:07

Someone had a good night

GladTidings Fri 19-Dec-03 09:15:56

He's grrrrreat at washing the dishes and he makes a mean ommlette.

GreenSanta Fri 19-Dec-03 09:20:15

Message withdrawn

Snowywong Fri 19-Dec-03 09:20:47

He always brings me a cheese and onion pasty or an eclair when he comes home from doing the shopping. Mmm simple pleasures.

He is playing with the kids right now so I can have my breakfast and check up on MN

SantaHatZebra Fri 19-Dec-03 09:22:11

Awwwwww, Greensanta.
Notice I'm not feeling particularly inspired about my DH today, either.

Festivefly Fri 19-Dec-03 09:22:21

Awwwwww Poor GreenSanta, i'm sure she wouldn't!

WiShuaMerryXmas Fri 19-Dec-03 09:23:35

He can breathe through his ears !

Festivefly Fri 19-Dec-03 09:24:01


MrsGreenSanta Fri 19-Dec-03 09:28:43

...he says the sweetest things about me.

janinlondon Fri 19-Dec-03 10:15:44

..when we were about to embark on IVF he told me he had married me for me, not me as a baby making machine, and he would love me whether or not we had a child.

Followthatstar Fri 19-Dec-03 10:26:06

My dh took on my 2 dds without hesitation, and has never murmured a word of complaint about being their stepfather in the 6 years I have known him.

He parted with every penny of his redundancy money to protect them from their father.

He defended me and them against his parents when they trashed us.

When I asked him what he would do if my depression never got better he said, 'We will learn to live with it'.

All the time he gets to himself is a couple of hours on rush hour trains, and he spends that reading books about how to communicate with teenagers.

When I tell him how good he is he says, 'You're making me sound like a good person.'

GladTidings Fri 19-Dec-03 10:31:21

Oh my goodness - you DH/DP's sound marvellous....and there was me being flippant.

My DH is a WONDERFUL father, he is 10 times tidier than me and keeps the house out of the 'midden-state' that I would live in!

He makes me laugh MOST of the time.... and he is making an extra effort just now to prepare himself IF I suffer from PND again after this baby is born.

WickedXmasWitch Fri 19-Dec-03 10:36:52

I can't think of anyone whose company I prefer
He's calm and tolerant even when I'm being a bitch (that's nine months of pregnancy then)
He makes me laugh
He's fantastically sexy
He's a lovely step father to my ds and is shaping up to be a lovely father to our dd too
He's thoughtful, perceptive and kind
He understands me. He appears able to read my mind sometimes too (he *always* knows, without fail, when I slightly fancy someone in a film, tv programme or real life)
I trust him
Will stop before anyone pukes

wilbur Fri 19-Dec-03 10:42:11

He's the best company whether I'm in a good or bad mood.
He's a fantastic cook and he does the washing up without being asked.
Every time he does DIY he does himself an injury and is very proud of it for days afterwards.
He gets me cheap clothes.
And lots of other lovely things...

GladTidings Fri 19-Dec-03 10:43:44

Oh and most importantly he gets a 10% discount on everything in Tesco!!!

Northerner Fri 19-Dec-03 10:47:56

He makes me laugh
He is the BEST Father to ds
He is a wonderful cook (trained chef!)
He brings me free cakes from work
He's a fantastic s**g!

<sorry to lower the tone>

WiShuaMerryXmas Fri 19-Dec-03 10:58:40

Aside from the aural breathing skill (obvious advantage there), DH is great because...

* The kids and I are his world.
* He is supportive of all my dreams.
* He still finds me sexy when I am full of a cold and have 2 tissue 'plugs' up my nose !
* He is very capable around the house (not in a DIY way though).
* He is (mostly) patient.
* He is kind, faithful, honest (most of the time) and generous (with a bit of persuasion).
* He has a fantastic arse

There is loads more but I really don't fancy boring you wih it all.

handlemecarefully Fri 19-Dec-03 11:09:00

My Dh's arse isn't up to much, but I suppose he is quite well hung!!! , and at least he has all his hair!!!

WiShuaMerryXmas Fri 19-Dec-03 11:11:12

ROFL !!!!!!!!

bossykate Fri 19-Dec-03 11:13:10

gladtidings, who were you before, i'm really curious!

Snowywong Fri 19-Dec-03 11:13:43

I knew, justknew it would come down to this, I step away from this thread for a couple of hours and look what you have all become. Am very pleased.

santafio2 Fri 19-Dec-03 11:15:17

i can drink him under the table

Slinky Fri 19-Dec-03 12:05:49

when he goes shopping, he can never decide what chocolate to bring me, so buys a selection

he completely spoils me on my birthday/Christmas - insists I have "surprises".

great with the kids and insists on taking them out somewhere at the weekends, so I can have some "me time"

Slinky Fri 19-Dec-03 12:06:12

when he goes shopping, he can never decide what chocolate to bring me, so buys a selection

he completely spoils me on my birthday/Christmas - insists I have "surprises".

great with the kids and insists on taking them out somewhere at the weekends, so I can have some "me time"

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