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Any Mumsnetters in Singapore/Vietnam/Thailand?

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Gem13 Fri 10-Mar-06 16:59:38

DH is trying to work out a business trip to Asia probably for May. The idea is that we (me, DS - 3 and DD - 2) will have an apartment in Singapore where the office is and then he will go to meetings in Seoul, Bangkok, etc.

We will stay in Singapore for a month or so while I check out toddler groups, activities, schools, etc. as a reccy for a permanent move there.

Then we will have a couple of weeks holiday somewhere in that 'area'.

So, I just wanted to find out who is where and ask if I can pick your brains as we plan some more.

Gem13 Sat 11-Mar-06 07:40:37

Bumping for the time difference...

Gem13 Tue 14-Mar-06 13:13:46

Trying again...

blueshoes Tue 14-Mar-06 13:32:53

Gem13, Singapore will be a good base to do your research. Probably the closest to the UK of the 3 in terms of how things work in a developed world. Have to add, having come from Singapore, that it is ruthlessly more efficient than UK (good and bad).

I have been out of Singapore for many years, so cannot give you any specifics. But try these sites:

Singapore Expat

I think you can find lots more by googling.

A tip if you plan to relocate to Singapore: housing and cars are the most expensive. Housing is equivalent to London. Cars taxed to buggery. If your dh is going with a company, make sure housing and cars are part of the package. Sadly, companies are wising up and such expat packages are becoming increasingly rare.

Hope you can cope with the heat and humidity.

As for holidays in that area, the world is your oyster. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines.

Gem13 Wed 15-Mar-06 09:12:53

Thanks for your reply blueshoes. I'll check out those sites.

We've been to Malaysia and Thailand pre children so Vietnam appeals for the holiday part.

singersgirl Wed 15-Mar-06 22:19:16

I was in Singapore until 18 months ago, so would be happy to have brains picked.

When we first moved there we stayed in very central serviced apartments called Somerset Grand Cairnhill, just off Orchard Road. There are also very popular serviced apartments at Great World City (right above a huge shopping centre) and Fraser Suites on River Valley Road.

Can give lots of info about playgroups, schools etc, though some stuff may be a bit out of date. ExpatSingapore is a great website and a mine of information.

Please feel free to ask.

MrsMuddle Wed 15-Mar-06 23:16:36

Wish I was. Spent a year in KL in 2001 when DSs were 4&5, and I still miss it every day. Made great friends, ate great food, had a fab time. I'd live there again at the drop of a hat. Sorry can't be of more use.

Gingerbear Wed 15-Mar-06 23:19:45

Vietnam is amazing.
I want to come too

wezs Fri 05-Jun-09 11:29:47

Hi just moved over to singapore from the uk and viewed the overseas family school we were told it was the best but felt realy let down now we have seen it dirty and run down only 2 teachers per 25 children for 5 years olds am i right to br worried or is the school still good the teacchers did nothing to ease my mind and know all the others school are full can any one help

Clockface Fri 05-Jun-09 11:31:10

wish I was too. Spent a year in SE Asia. I'd be back like a shot (sigh...)

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