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where to get a cheaper maxi micro scooter???

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Movingforward123 Sun 12-Aug-12 23:15:34

I lost dd's mini micro scooter sad there is no point getting her another as she is 5 and will soon be too big for it. So I guess its going to have to be a maxi micro scooter.

Problem is they are around £100 shock I really cant afford that. Is there anywhere that sells them cheaper? With discount codes etc?

smalltown Sun 12-Aug-12 23:18:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

miomio Sun 12-Aug-12 23:20:39

Pretty sure I saw them in John Lewis in store for £75 a couple of weeks ago. They are £94.95 on the website though. Worth a call as sometime in store can be cheaper if they are price matching.

Movingforward123 Sun 12-Aug-12 23:21:20

oh ill have a look thanks smile

also someone local to me is selling one second hand for £50, what do you think? As I know dd's old one was in perfect working order even though she had it 3 years. I'm wondering if i should go with that?

Movingforward123 Sun 12-Aug-12 23:21:52

oh I didnt know that, will call john lewis tomorrow

james03x Tue 02-Oct-12 07:42:24

Well you didn't mention should it be electric or petrol noramlly a 100W electric scooter is available at $50 that's pretty good than other. You should look on ebay and amazon but if you don't wanna pay shipping charges then you should look in your local market.

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