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Anyone live/d on the Isle of Man?

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scarymamma Thu 09-Mar-06 20:26:26

Hi, DH being interviewed for a job on the Isle of Man and I'm not sure whether or not I want to live and bring up DD and DS there. Is there anyone with personal experience of the IoM who can list the pro's and con's of island life for me or can give insider info on weather, schools, shops, lifestyle, locations etc.. ad infinitum?!?! PLEASE!!!

Peacocking Wed 23-Oct-19 23:09:14

Kenasmily - it's the best place in the world to live. Visit, explore, ask on local fb groups for inspiration. "iom what where when how" - fb group is a good place to start. Take any banter in your stride. You'll get all the help you could want via fb.

In the iom even a found earring, or lost teddy will make its way back to its owner in no time at all. The community spirit is just amazing.

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