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roam Tue 16-Dec-03 17:40:06

what does S.W.A.G. stand for?????
DD has it in the picture of a story book and although I know it's what "robbers" carry away their stolen goods in she wants to know what S.W.A.G actually stands for any ideas?????

GeorginaA Tue 16-Dec-03 17:44:05

A complete utter guess: Stolen With A Gun?

bundle Tue 16-Dec-03 17:45:52


roam Sat 20-Dec-03 16:33:38

Bundle - I'm impressed!
First time I've turned to mumsnet and found 0 discussions going on where is everybody?!!!!!!!!!!
As for me I'm hoping never to step into another shop for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!

Hollymaiden Sat 20-Dec-03 16:35:35

Suspect that is where everyone is....

roam Sat 20-Dec-03 16:41:18

Hi hollymaiden, the tell me something christmassy topic looks interesting so I'm going there for a bit, have a good christmas

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