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Staying at the in laws this Xmas?

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codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 09:45:14

I hope that they...................

Turn the thermostat up from 15 degrees

FairyMum Tue 16-Dec-03 09:47:30

Turn the thermostat down from 30 degrees.....

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 09:47:54

in my dreams

dont let the kids graze all day

M2T Tue 16-Dec-03 09:49:50

My Inlaws have the thermostat up at 30 in summer!! Then his mother opens the windows if we are "a bit warm"

A BIT WARM??? FFS.... the dead giveaway is all of us lying on the floor naked and gasping for air!!

(oooo nice image!)

Good luck Coddy. How long are you staying for?

Debl Tue 16-Dec-03 09:53:46

Wish MIL wouldn't boil all the lunch veg until it is a greenish grey colour and the consistancy of baby puree (that includes carrots!!)

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 09:57:31

2/3 nights of frost bitten toes

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:13

I have card holder form M and s, a silver thread and tiny silver pegs - the pegs dont hold the cards,,, any ideas?

M2T Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:20

lol... better pack yer thermal knickers!

Twinkie Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:24

Message withdrawn

FairyMum Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:30

Wish my FIL wouldn't burp at the dinner table....

Twinkie Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:50

Message withdrawn

M2T Tue 16-Dec-03 09:58:52

2 cards on one peg??

Cavy Tue 16-Dec-03 10:00:13

I hope that ... FIL only snarls at the children once or twice. DH & I don't go out of our tree at the monotony of the routine. The kids will actually go outside in spite of the cold. The journey there (Scotland) and back doesn't get delayed. There is some part of the Xmas meal that morning sickness will let me eat. That MIL doesn't ask why I haven't had an amnio and when AM I getting sterilised? Since, with a 3rd baby on the way, I'm obviously breeding for England.

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 10:00:25

its shite

bloody cards - told you they ae crap

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 10:02:03

oh have sussed it

motherinferior Tue 16-Dec-03 10:04:20

Just the day, at dp's aunt and uncle, BUT I do hope MIL does not return to the ever-popular topic of just how brave I was to embark on pregnancy when so very, very old.

lazyeye Tue 16-Dec-03 10:04:39

There is a truth universally acknowledged, that all in laws do not know where the central heating on button is and all MILs put the veg on 15 days before eating........

Twinkie Tue 16-Dec-03 10:06:24

Message withdrawn

bunny2 Tue 16-Dec-03 13:45:11

Tell the same story over and over again.

MIL staying right now grrr. So far, since last night she has told me the same bloody story 4 times. How many more before she goes home? And dh is in a permanent bad mood whenever she comes to stay so I have to be extra nice to compensate.

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 13:46:54

LOl at you all

Not tell stories of how lovely dh was yet she forgets his birthday,,, he is an only child for chrissake

twink you have to clip the peg to the join of the card the spine. downwards and clip it shut

dancingdoormat Tue 16-Dec-03 13:47:38

During the war???????
or similar
do you get this

bunny2 I hear the same old bullshit stories, it wrecks me head

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 13:48:46

why does dh call his 60 year old Uncles "Uncle X"?? makes him sound 2

codswallop Tue 16-Dec-03 13:51:04

blinking thing has fallen down now T

Might just bin it

bobsmum Tue 16-Dec-03 13:51:19

I'm with my parents for 3 weeks this year. Heating up to the max - every window in the house open "for fresh air" - huh??

Can I have a Crimbo name too please?? Any ideas?

SnowFlakeZebra Tue 16-Dec-03 13:53:57


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