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Dixie Sun 09-Dec-01 22:37:56

Help Help!

I know some of you mum's live in the kent area, please help....I'm supposed to be meeting up at a Baptist Church for a toodler group on Monday and am having trouble finding the location in my mao book!!

Anyobe heard of Meopham Road? The Baptist church is apparently "RIGHT NEXT TO HOPE HILL CAMP SITE" I was assured the location would be in the map of the area & that Hope Hill camp site was a "BIG & WELL KNOWN LAND MARK" but I'm really having problems......

I've even looked in all the local maps they sell at the petrol stations and can not find this place...thought someone may have heard of it?

Thanks for any help received, any sorry to have bothered evryone else...desperate times, desperate measures...

Dixie Sun 09-Dec-01 22:40:05

Please excuse all the typing errors in that, thought I'd get a preview but didn't, not used to this new system

Marina Mon 10-Dec-01 12:48:07

Too late, possibly? Sorry Dixie, just got back from a short break. Meopham Road is a long street running the whole length of this village, which is at least 2 miles long. If you are coming up from the A2, you need to come past Meopham railway station, past the turning to Sole Street & Cobham at Meopham Hill (both off to your left) and past the right hand turning to Longfield. Hope Hill Campsite is clearly marked on your left about 1/4 to 1/2 mile further on. My MIL lives round there, so I don't know it like a native - and I have to confess I don't remember the Baptist church hall next to the campsite, but the turning to Hope Hill is definitely well signposted.
The one advantage to Meopham is that it is really just one long B road with the odd cul-de-sac and lane off it, so you should be able to find it without plunging into suburban streets.
Good luck, I hope you make/made it OK and met some nice new people.

Dixie Mon 10-Dec-01 16:07:53

Dear Marina, your message was too late but I found it anyway..It was brilliant, loads of other mummies who were all so kind & welcoming and my son loved singing all the action songs..I got all choked up & had a lump in my throat, this is exactly the kind of thing I've ben hunting for!....I could go on for ages but I must say it really is THANKS TO YOU ANYWAY MARINA!!!

You very kindly answered my plea on another thread about being new & lonely in suggested contacting the NCT. I found the web site, sent an e-mail to the Gravesend branch and hey presto got telephone no of a wonderful lady who has given me activities for each day of the week!!

I really do owe you alot, thanks so much for responding on each occassion!

Marina Tue 11-Dec-01 11:21:23

That is so good to hear, Dixie. Glad you're making lots of new friends now!

Nance Mon 07-Jan-02 11:18:24

Dixie,not sure if this will be of any help but if you want to find out about your area try UPMYSTREET.COM. It is a remarkable web site that will tell you about your area in great detail. I have lived in Ruislipfor years and only discoverd loadsof new things via the website. I thought I knew all teher was to know about it!!

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