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kitchen appliances online - any recommendations?

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bluebear Mon 15-Dec-03 11:37:59

We are refitting our kitchen and need new cooker, fridge etc. We know what appliances we want and can save a couple of hundred pounds if we order from web supplies but I'm scared!!
Anyone any experience of online appliance 'shops', in particular Biasco (seem to be cheapest), or should I go to John Lewis (where, if things go wrong, I have the option of sitting in the middle of the kitchen displays with 2 noisy children and demanding service ).

bluebear Mon 15-Dec-03 13:53:16


SoupDragon Mon 15-Dec-03 14:10:39

I've only used (I think!). They were great when I ordered a kenwood mixer last Christmas and we've just ordered an american fridge freezer from them so I hope they're still OK.

ghengis Mon 15-Dec-03 14:19:30

We bought our range cooker from Hienergy shop - like you it was by far the cheapest and everything worked like a dream. On the other hand John Lewis is sooo reliable: if the price difference is negligible I would go with them.

It's amazing how this internet shopping lark works, isn't it?!!!

Crunchie Mon 15-Dec-03 14:28:50

Online appliance stores can be really great to get the best deals. Personally I would use them (and I work in the trade) However JL usually offers a 2 year gaurentee and will price match stuff. It depends what you are looking for. I don't know Biasco, usually you can make the best savings on the larger more expensive products and brands. You won't get much better prices online on things that you can buy in Comet/Currys.

bluebear Mon 15-Dec-03 14:33:09

Thanks for replying - the price difference is about 10% ie. £200 saved. I think JL prices may include connecting the cooker and I've had quotes of £70 plus from corgi fitters so that makes the price gap smaller... hmmmm...

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