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Not a nice job . . .

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libb Sun 14-Dec-03 01:24:21

I endorse driving licences for drivers caught by speed cameras . . . .

I didn't have this in mind when bright eyed, busy tailed and raring to go 15 years ago . I was going to change the world! I think ...

tabitha Sun 14-Dec-03 09:19:24

I'm a Health and Safety inspector! The worst bits are that nobody likes us and having to interview people who have had gory accidents at work, usually getting bits of hands cut off by machinery. I do enjoy it most of the time though, it's interesting and vared but I must say I'm counting the days till I start Maternity Leave at the end of January.

BadHair Sun 14-Dec-03 14:59:50

I was going to be either editor of the NME or running my own indie/punk label by the time I was 21. Suffice to say that I did neither and when I was 21 I was opening bags of out of date peanuts in a peanut butter factory.
Did manage to make 2 fab little ds though along the way so something turned out right.

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