HOw much can you withdraw from ATM in 24 hours?

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Hayls Sun 05-Mar-06 15:43:16

We do online bamking so we can't withdraw cash from the bank and we need a large wad of cash to buy a car by next weekend. ANyone know how much we can withdraw in one day? I managed to get £300 last night but it didn't occur to me to try for any more .

Grrr at online banking- knew there was a catch

charliecat Sun 05-Mar-06 15:44:18

£200 lloyds tsb

snafu Sun 05-Mar-06 16:13:13

It depends on your personal limit, afaik. Mine used to be £1000 a day - now it's £300. Can you not contact the bank and tell them you are making a large cash purchase so need to withdraw the money?

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sun 05-Mar-06 16:14:05

£250 for me.

UCM Sun 05-Mar-06 16:14:56

Who do you bank with, I am with First Direct and they allow you to use the HSBC for big withdrawals. Most online banks are teamed up with one of the high St biggies. Where would you pay a cheque in?

spacecadet Sun 05-Mar-06 16:15:20

its usually no more than 300, this is to protect you in case your cash card was stolen, can you contact your bank and ask for a bankers draft?

Jackstini Sun 05-Mar-06 16:17:58

500 per day for me - online banking is with Cahoot if that is any help.
If I need a large amount I do a computerised transfer online into the business/personal account of who needs it. You just need their account number and sort code to send. Can also do a special same day service (called CHAPS) for 25 quid for extra speed/ease

Hayls Sun 05-Mar-06 18:03:28

It's with Intelligent Finance and I can't find out from the website how much I can withdraw. They don't do bankers drafts (why??!!)and the only account we coudl transfer it into is dd's savings account but if we withdraw from that we lose the bonus on it so want to avoid it (could withdraw from that straight away but need to keep her account stable)..
They do do BACS and CHAPS but I don't think the seller is too bothered about waiting for the cash and as it's a private car sale I doubt they'd be too interested in giving me their bank details.
THanks for advice, will wander to atm later and try to withdraw as much as possible. Think I@ll also look at leaving INtelligent FInance!

noddyholder Sun 05-Mar-06 18:03:55


Milge Sun 05-Mar-06 18:06:49

It depends on the preloaded amount within the chip on your card. the standard amount is £300 per day, some cards allow up to £500 or £1000,the latter usually if your are on the gold or premier service with the bank, eg Lloyds gold/platinum/barclays premier/hsbc premier etc. It works a bit like chq guarantee limits, depends on the card you have been issued with. hth

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