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What do you buy dh for christmas?

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Candie Sat 13-Dec-03 14:06:34

I always find it really difficult to get dh an original pressie for xmas. I always end up getting clothes, aftershave, you know all the usual stuff. He hasn,t got any particular interests such as golf,like a lot of his mates, so I always get really stuck. What do you all buy for your dh?

codswallop Sat 13-Dec-03 14:57:29

this yesr novelty, really - balloon modelling kit, magic tricks etc etc

Angeliz Sat 13-Dec-03 15:01:43

any little gadgets i can find......

carriemac Sat 13-Dec-03 15:57:31

a day racing ferraris with some mates

dejags Sat 13-Dec-03 16:11:43

A playstation 2 console with a game, aftershave and some stocking fillers from DS.

elena2 Sat 13-Dec-03 16:13:30

One of those gift experience set thingies from Boots? They do all sorts, go-karting, a day's flying, etc.

whymummy Sat 13-Dec-03 17:37:12

i got mine lots of dvds,cd, 2 gadgets,one is a currency converter/alarm clock and the other one is to measure the miles and time a journey will take and a swiss army knife,also 2 old fashion football tops,england and sunderland from the 60's(i think)

Lou33 Sat 13-Dec-03 17:44:06

Last year he got a couple of cd's and a Barometer. This year he has had his pressie early, a mobile phone, but I will get him a few things from the kids to have something on the big day. We usually only get each other one or two things.

eidsvold Sat 13-Dec-03 18:16:17

last year dvd's and stocking fillers like novelty socks from dd ( first christmas as a dad)

this year - books and stocking fillers....

Forestfly Sat 13-Dec-03 18:51:52

His freedom

CountessDracula Sat 13-Dec-03 19:05:11

a nice watch?

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