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For Lyndsey66 and others ... abbreviations

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twiglett Fri 12-Dec-03 09:28:14

message withdrawn

pie Fri 12-Dec-03 09:29:21

iykwim - if you know what I mean (or just kwim)
tia - thanks in advance

these two used to get me

roscoe Fri 12-Dec-03 09:31:23

Can we mention FFS?

M2T Fri 12-Dec-03 09:36:45

LOL - Laugh Out Loud.... usually accompanied with a

OMG - Oh My GOD!!!

fio2 Fri 12-Dec-03 09:38:23

I thought H IMHO was for honest
ATM - at the moment
isnt SS - sh*t scared?

pie Fri 12-Dec-03 09:53:15

I thought SS was stepson

fio I think the H can be either

fio2 Fri 12-Dec-03 10:05:23

is it pie? cant beleive I thought it was the other!

I think I was being a bit picky about the H!

lyndsey66 Fri 12-Dec-03 19:28:55

Thanks for explaining. It all makes sense now.

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