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National Theatre Vouchers - help please

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Sonnet Thu 11-Dec-03 16:25:09

I *think* I read on a thread here recently that you could purchase national theatre vouchers - excellent idea I thought.....I can't find the thread, have tried the national theatre web site - all to no avail.
Did I dream it....can anyone help me please????

SoupDragon Thu 11-Dec-03 16:34:59

Looks like you can simply buy them from theatres actually. I'm *sure* I once bought some from WHS as a present though.

SpringChicken Thu 11-Dec-03 16:42:55

Not much help Sonnet but know you can definitely do it!

My Aunt bought some for my parents as a thankyou gift. I will try and ask her where she got them from.

aloha Thu 11-Dec-03 17:17:31

podgegl20 Thu 11-Dec-03 17:58:00

You can also buy them in WHSmith. The card with them lists the theatres that they can be used in.

Sonnet Tue 16-Dec-03 14:54:40

Only just logged on again - THANK YOU EVERYONE....Have used web site Aloha - many thanks

bluestar Tue 16-Dec-03 16:11:06

Can also buy £20 vouchers on, purchased as a present last year!

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