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Christmas - new traditions wanted!

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Year0 Mon 03-Dec-01 17:45:05

We are at home for Christmas Eve and Day this year with our 7 and 3 year old for the first time - we have always piggy-backed off my Mum and her big cheerful house full of cousins in previous years. I want to start some nice Christmas Day/Boxing Day family habits - what little things do you do that are fun? As simple as you like!
To kick off, we are going up a hill on Boxing Day even if it's a pimple...

Ems Mon 03-Dec-01 18:02:27

What a lovely idea for a thread YearO, will come back to it after bed/bath time!

Marina Mon 03-Dec-01 19:15:53

Christmas morning service at your local church is almost certain to be short, child-friendly and very joyful. And packed too, so lots of rousing singing. We're regulars as it happens, but it is always so nice to see lots of happy faces and a full house.
We also always get out on Boxing Day, usually for a brisk march through the Kent countryside.
And we made the decision to have goose at home rather than turkey or beef, the choices of parents and in laws.
It's so nice when you have a chance to do your own thing, isn't it? I bet in no time you will have your mum and cousins angling for invitations!

Louisa Mon 03-Dec-01 20:23:07

Friends of ours in Aus all light a birthday candle at the beginning of the meal the excitement is to see who's candle lasts the longest

Callie Mon 03-Dec-01 20:54:02

Christmas eve after all the preparation is finished I sit down at last kids in bed and have a very large glass of wine with hubby. christmas lights twinkling fire roaring , house spick and span and good film on tv to curl up in front of with some lovingly prepared nibbles.

Anyway thats the image I aspire to. The reality is me desperatly wrapping pressies and searching for the sellotape. DD refusing to go to bed. The house in a state. DS watching cartoon network still at 9pm. and dh sloping of to the pub. and dont forget the nibbles burning in the oven!
Still at least Ill have my very large glass of wine handy.

Bron Mon 03-Dec-01 22:15:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mollipops Tue 04-Dec-01 06:29:43

We like to leave a note for Santa, with a glass of milk and a biscuit/cake, a bucket of water for the reindeer and a few carrots. In the morning, there are footprints to the table, a few crumbs and an empty milky glass, slopped over bucket and half-chewed carrots (reindeer have no manners). It's simple but the kids get a kick out of it...:)

Callie Tue 04-Dec-01 09:23:25

Ha HA Mollipops . A whole Bucket of water!! Alls poor rudolph gets at our house is a carrot and a saucer of milk??

Twink Tue 04-Dec-01 12:55:58

At home we always had a tradition that we could open one of our stocking presents in our beds but we had to wait and do the rest in M&D's bed - I suspect that Father Christmas chose the top present very carefully ! Then we'd all go and have breakfast together before dad would open the doors to the living room where the rest of the presents were. We used to think we'd die of impatience while our parents leisurely ate their porridge (another Christmas tradition).
Then we used to go off to the family service at my grandparents church which was really nice.

Joe1 Thu 06-Dec-01 09:56:05

We always used to wake up really early and open our stockings and eat everything in there, 2am one year. Then we would have to wait for our Dad to get up before we were allowed downstairs. We were always allowed to open a present on Christmas Eve from a friend and leave all the usual for Father Christmas and the raindeers. We always had the Night Before Christmas read to us by Mum, something we will start with ds this year. Mum and Dad always wrapped our presents on Christmas Eve when we were in bed, infact I think Mum still does this. Its lovely to relive all the magic.

TigerMoth1 Thu 06-Dec-01 10:55:55

Since I've taken up running (a bit), my new christmas tradition is going to be a bracing run on Boxing Day, while dh looks after the children. Must remember to tell dh about this in good time.

Azzie Thu 06-Dec-01 13:52:26

Our kids open their stockings in our bed on Xmas morning, then we open our other presents mid morning accompanied by a glass of champagne (this saved the day the other year at my MIL's when the turkey wasn't properly cooked and had to go back in the oven for another 3/4 hr - we were all quite merry already by that point so didn't care too much!). On Xmas Eve dh and I have smoked salmon and champagne for dinner after the kids are in bed.

Ailsa Thu 06-Dec-01 20:18:55

I'm breaking with tradition this year, dh usually goes to the pub on christmas eve, suppose I better tell him that he's not going this year - I am! Guess who's babysitting? Even after he's had the kids all day - shame.

Merry Christmas everyone (mine will be - very merry indeed).

codwiggle Fri 22-Sep-06 12:57:56


Mateychops Fri 22-Sep-06 13:58:23

We open the front door when it's bedtime, and get dd and dh to shout at the top of their voice - 'Right, Santa, that's us off to bed, you can come any time now.' Helps get them to burn off a little of the hyper excitement, and they know they then have to go to sleep. Plus, it's dead cute!
Don't do glitter footsteps for fairy dust, 'cos you'll still be cursing this in July

GSH Fri 22-Sep-06 13:59:46

You realised you said DH? Maybe you actually did mean DH.

LieselVonTrapp Fri 22-Sep-06 14:00:42

Cod how the hell could you ressurect a thread from 5 years ago??

codwiggle Fri 22-Sep-06 14:03:00

cos it still anmys me

codwiggle Fri 22-Sep-06 14:03:19

LOOK marina is on it

Mateychops Fri 22-Sep-06 15:03:42

Sorry, meant dd, not dh. Although that would be quite cute too.

CodRestYeMerryGentelmen Sun 09-Dec-07 18:25:25


InterruptingKid Mon 09-Nov-09 09:07:21

and here

InterruptingKid Mon 09-Nov-09 09:07:29

and here

TheFoosa Mon 09-Nov-09 09:13:41

blimey 2001

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