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Yurt #II

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ks Tue 09-Dec-03 09:16:34

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Tue 09-Dec-03 09:21:19

Ooooh, lovely. I may need this when I get back from my Christmas shopping excursion up to London.

M2T Tue 09-Dec-03 09:25:49

Morning folks,
Just what I need! KS - got anything for morning sickness??? Any nice herbal remedies? Any chants you recommend?

A lounge on a Yak skin bean bag is jeeust what I need. >sssslump<

Dunno how long I will be able to stay in here though..... the smell of Nettle wine is making me want to heave!

ks Tue 09-Dec-03 09:32:26

Message withdrawn

M2T Tue 09-Dec-03 09:37:28

Thanks ks.... you couldn't be a love and fix me a wee ginger herbal tea could you?

ks Tue 09-Dec-03 09:54:14

Message withdrawn

M2T Tue 09-Dec-03 10:02:37

Thats okay!! I'm producing quite a bit.... perhaps enough for one pot full of boiling water.

dinosaur Tue 09-Dec-03 10:07:37

Can I come in? I've got some ginger snaps!

M2T Tue 09-Dec-03 10:09:45

Oh yes Dino!! You don't have any ideas how we can help the Llamas with their... ahem..... little problem?

Do you have morning sickness too? We might be fighting each other to get to the Compost toilet!

dinosaur Tue 09-Dec-03 11:58:13

Organic prune juice?? I could nip down Fresh 'n' Wild and get a few bucketfuls.

M2T Tue 09-Dec-03 11:59:26

Lovely Dino.... that'll do just nicely.

Meanwhile... I'm off to visit the afore mentioned Compost loo!


dinosaur Tue 09-Dec-03 12:01:54

Oh dear M2T, you poor thing. Better not invite my rolly-smoking friend to the yurt then!

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:13:27

Yeeaaaaahhhh, the yurt is back, can I come in??? Might have to pop back to the gf thread though....I am getting a little sense of deja vu...

norma Tue 09-Dec-03 23:17:29

Hi, can one find refuge within from the grip of Gina?

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:27:39

Yep, I think it's just you and me norma, nettle wine?

norma Tue 09-Dec-03 23:30:53

ooh yes please! does it sting? this yurt thing is a brilliant idea to calm down after getting so riled up on that other thread. Grrrrrr deep breaths.

popsycal Tue 09-Dec-03 23:32:48

have done a search and am stil none the wiser about what yurt is tell....

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:35:11

Do you want a sensible answer popsy?

popsycal Tue 09-Dec-03 23:37:02

snesible or silly...i dont mind...had afew beers now....

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:44:21

Lol, I hope that's organic non-alcoholic beer.

have a look here

Dinny Tue 09-Dec-03 23:47:48

Look, I spent 2.5 hours OOOOOMing this morning. That must cancel out my GF predilection, SURELY?!

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:51:12

Lol, deep breath dear, we are as one in the yurt.

popsycal Tue 09-Dec-03 23:52:10

so hwat have yurts got to do with stuff that youare talking about?
sorry for ineptness - tired, afew beers (alcolholic and very non-organic) and typincrap

norma Tue 09-Dec-03 23:52:45

were you constipated Dinny?
try some of this prune juice ...

anais Tue 09-Dec-03 23:54:25

What stuff popsy?

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