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POP IDOL, anyone watch tonight? Darius, Rik and et al

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Rhiannon Sat 01-Dec-01 19:18:25

Just finished watching Pop Idol. Big Rik was basically told he's too big to be an idol.

Darius performed again but I was most impressed by Aaron the lovely Geordie so he got my vote.

Voting on R.

Mel Sat 01-Dec-01 19:51:06

I voted for Rik. I was cooking tea and wasn't watching who was actually singing - or listening to the chat; and suddenly, this amazing voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!!
Definately deserved a vote!!!
Aaron was gorg. but the voice didn't have it.

Emsiewill Sat 01-Dec-01 19:51:23

I thought Darius was good - even though I didn't want to. He looks soooo much better without the goatee and ponytail (Greek waiter as he said). Very strong group tonight though, shame they couldn't have spread them out over the other weeks.
I must say - I love Ant & Dec. They're little half-pints of gorgeousness!
:O (Thanks Lizzer!)

Joe1 Sat 01-Dec-01 20:08:34

I liked the last bloke. I think it will be him and the girl with the see thru clothes on.

Selja Sat 01-Dec-01 21:39:15

Shame Darius didn't get through, think he'll get a record contract anyway. Couldn't stand that Vanessa girl. I think Aaron got through because he could laugh at himself. Must admit Ant and Dec are great - even dh likes them despite them being black and whites! That Rik though - the voice was fantastic. They were right in one way though he wasn't 'pop idol' material young girls are hardly likely to put him up on their walls are they?

Ems Sun 02-Dec-01 16:33:22

I thought the girl in gold would get through, very Mariah Carey. Darius looked so much better without long hair and goatee. But I dont think the judges are at all happy about Rik being the bookies favourite to becoming the nations Pop Idol, not what they were after at all - they've made that quite obvious.

Rhiannon Sun 02-Dec-01 18:20:51

After seeing the finalists in the lineup, the one I rather liked the look of (being very shallow) was William.

It wasn't Rik's size that put me off but the state of his teeth and gums (he's in desperate need of some treatment). Get him to the dentist quick someone. R.

Jasper Sun 02-Dec-01 22:25:20

Rik's teeth!!! Argh! My thoughts exactly Rhiannon. There was a tiny picture of him in the paper today and even in that you could see his gingivitis! You would think that with all the stylists those young people are helped by someone would have suggested a toothbrush!
He had some voice, though.

Willow2 Sun 02-Dec-01 22:54:37

Should have been Aaron and the girl in gold - who could sing and looked fantastic. Big Rik has a voice and a half, but he isn't a pop idol. Fair enough if they were just doing a search for a fantastic singer, but that's not what the show is about. Will be interesting to see how they all do over the next few rounds when they have to show their versatility. At least now we are down to ten people who can more or less sing - the standard of the "semi-finalists" has been patchy to say the least - very pub singer at times and bloody awful at others.

Pupuce Sun 02-Dec-01 23:23:44

They' ve made Rik a victim (I mean the judges)... so the nation will vote for him... they (the judges still) can only blame themselves. Having said that : should an Idol always be beautiful ? To me it's someone I admire (talent, way of life or what ever).... so in that sense, for me at least, Rik could be an idol... some people would find Pavarotti their idol.

Jasper Mon 03-Dec-01 00:48:08

I think it is great that an idol need not necessarily be beautiful. I have no problem with Rik being a big guy. But I do have a problem with anyone who does not brush their teeth!
I actually feel quite sorry for the young people on pop idol. They are having what seems to be the time of their lives right now, but most of them will slink back into obscurity and some might find that hard.
Equally compelling viewing just now is Farmer Wants a Wife. Anyone else hooked?

Pamina Mon 03-Dec-01 13:05:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emsiewill Mon 03-Dec-01 22:05:30

Yes! Love "The Farmer Wants A Wife". Especially the one who had a conversation at the barn dance which went along the lines of "I've never had patterned jumpers before - only plain ones". Last week he decided to ask out a "nice young woman" who he met at the local market doing the F&M disinfecting. She seemed quite horrified, but managed to refuse politely. LOL :O

Jasper Tue 04-Dec-01 00:01:07

Yes, jumper man was really entertaining. There was a wee preview of some more ladies who want to meet him; I think the one with the long face and the buck teeth who likes rock and roll dancing "mostly on Tuesdays" could be his perfect mate!

Jodee Tue 04-Dec-01 08:11:00

Oh dear! Going back a bit to Pop Idol, I saw two programmes yesterday with Simon Cowell as the guest and, ooerr ! I think he's rather sexy - tell me I'm not the only one ... please!

Pamina Wed 05-Dec-01 13:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jodee Wed 05-Dec-01 17:53:41

LOL Pamina! They will be sending round the men in white coats if you do!

emsiewill Tue 29-Jan-02 22:51:13

Had to search out and restart this thread, as I want to know if I'm the only sad woman sitting at home getting overexcited at the "young boys" left in Pop Idol. I was watching it on Sat with mil and sil, and we were all sitting there saying things like "But I *love* Will". "Gareth is so gorgeous" etc...
I'm going to be at my dad's when the final is on (dds and dh staying at home), and he suggested that as I was child-free we should go out for a meal. Embarrassed as I was, I had to decline and explain that watching the final on video would not be the same, so I would have to stay in. Luckily, he was very understanding, and compared it to him missing the World Cup Final! He and my step-mum have come up trumps - they've invited my sister round (who they know is as sad as me), and they're going to cook a slap-up meal instead!
Anyway, sorry to ramble, please let me know I'm not the only one who's got it bad.

pamina Wed 30-Jan-02 08:51:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Wed 30-Jan-02 09:04:12

I went to a party on Saturday evening. We were staying over and I went upstairs to put DD to bed only to find two women party attendees sitting on the end of our bed watching Pop Idol!

Joe1 Wed 30-Jan-02 09:35:22

I have my fingers crossed for Darius, he has got better as it has gone on and he really wants it. I missed it Saturday but thought Zoe would go out. I think Gareth might do this week leaving Darius and Will. I wont be missing it this week. Cant stand that Nicki judge.

Viv Wed 30-Jan-02 10:15:26

Yes I'm addicted, but sorry can't stand Darius my vote goes to Will. We're off to a party on Saturday with the kids and the host has said everyone must arrive by 6.oopm so we can all watch Pop Idol first and she doesn't have to get up and answer the door during it.

jessi Wed 30-Jan-02 10:26:27

I love pop idol and I know lots of people who are also glued to their TV sets on a saturday night. I was pretty devestated (sad I know) when Hayley and Rosy got voted off. My favourite though is Will, I would happily buy his rendition of 'Ain't No Sunshine' today if it were released. Of the 3 remaining, I think he is the only one who has a really unique voice, one that you could distinguish easily. Gareth's a little cutie but I don't believe he should win on looks alone. Darius I loathe and ended up having a minor domestic with my partner last saturday night when he said he thought Darius sang better than Will! Deary me, what will I do when its all over!

Selja Wed 30-Jan-02 10:29:45

I love Pop Idol. Can't stand Gareth, can't help feeling he puts it on a bit and he's not that strong a singer. On top of that he ruined the Wham song which is sacrilege in my book as I love Wham (yes I know I'm sad!). I want Darius to win - he looks much better with his hair chopped off. I do sometimes thing I'm watching a different programme to the judges sometimes though. Do you think they had told Simon Cowell to shut up last week as he was very subdued.

ChanelNo5 Wed 30-Jan-02 10:50:14

Pamina - I thought Darius looked quite fanciable last week until he winked at the camera and then I felt my stomach turn.

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