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Oh yuck - help!

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boyandgirl Sat 06-Dec-03 08:53:39

DD has just vomitted on a hand-made woollen carpet - how do I clean it?

zebra Sat 06-Dec-03 11:02:41

Rinse in cold water & then Handwash in lukewarm water with a relatively mild detergent or detergent meant for woolens. Dry flat -- very important or it may stretch out. I would dry it on some towels, replacing the towels every few hours as they soak up the water.

I would probably try an anti-bacterial handsoap to scrub it with initially, make sure the germs won't fester in there.

boyandgirl Sat 06-Dec-03 16:37:46

Zebra - it's about 8ft wide by 10ft long!

I blotted up as much as I could and dabbed dilute soda bicarb solution on and blotted that up as well, and it doesn't smell now, but I'm still worried that the stomach acid may bleach the carpet.

twiglett Sat 06-Dec-03 16:53:31

message withdrawn

alibubbles Sat 06-Dec-03 18:49:47

The best way to pick up vomit and barely leave a mark is to cover it in Cat litter!

Seriously, I came home one night and my babysitter had covered piles of cat sick with cat litter. She told me to leave it at least an hour and then hoover it up, - ( empty the hoover bag immediately of course) it worked brilliantly, especially as it was Catsan and that is white litter.

I have done it many times and it then used something like a mild solution of Stergene on a cream carpet, works really well.

boyandgirl Sun 07-Dec-03 16:05:38

Of course, cat litter! Why didn't I think of that! I even have some (but no cat) because I bought a packet when ds was toilet-training in case of accidents, though I never had to use it.

Yes, the bitter voice of experience. Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, there lived a pair of DINKies who dreamed of a hallway with stripped floorboards and loose carpets...then the day they finally finished the hallway she went into labour with their first child.

I can't begin to imagine forking out so much on a rug now!

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