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musica Fri 05-Dec-03 21:24:27

Look at this!

samACon Fri 05-Dec-03 21:26:53

what an idiot!!

popsycal Fri 05-Dec-03 21:27:04

very odd and weird

ScummyMummy Fri 05-Dec-03 21:27:35

blimey indeed! talk about multi-tasking

doormat Fri 05-Dec-03 21:28:26

Donkers is bonkers!!!!!

jmf2106 Fri 05-Dec-03 21:28:50

Bloody hell! Never mind the fact that she was breast feeding, talking on the phone and taking notes - what about the fellowship she belonged to!! I've met a few blokes who must have been members of it! That's totally ridiculous!

whymummy Fri 05-Dec-03 21:28:50

catherine bonkers!

roscoe Fri 05-Dec-03 21:28:54

I don't know which is scarier - the fact that she did this or the fact that she did it because her dh told her to.

whymummy Fri 05-Dec-03 21:29:35

LOL doormat!!great minds...

Oakmaiden Fri 05-Dec-03 21:40:51

I like the idea of house arrest as a punishment, though (as opposed to a prison sentence). Gets around a lot of the problems that prison has (ie cost, seperation from a baby, likelihood of minor offenders learning how to offend big time....) Wonder how it works in practice....

roscoe Fri 05-Dec-03 21:42:46

What if her dh orders her to leave the house?

doormat Fri 05-Dec-03 21:48:19

She would probably gladly oblige roscoe

anais Fri 05-Dec-03 21:58:14

Creepy - and wasn't there a case like this a while ago???

Thank God she was caught before anything awful happened.

WSM Fri 05-Dec-03 22:22:38

Silly cow.

JanHR Fri 05-Dec-03 22:27:32

When I saw the surname I thought it was a joke and they meant Bonkers.

lilibet Fri 05-Dec-03 22:51:43

How can she possibly say that she hasn't done anyhting wrong?

Stupid woman!!

Lethal Sat 06-Dec-03 02:40:56

I once saw a guy eating a take-away meal with a fork - while driving - with one leg hanging out the window. There are some STRANGE people out there... not to mention dangerous.

emmatmg Sat 06-Dec-03 07:09:34

DH liked the sound of the sect, so I told him to go a do some housework......which he dutifully did. Anyone want to join my sect?

This woman is stupid in more ways than one.

ks Sat 06-Dec-03 08:55:39

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 06-Dec-03 09:43:45

So she was breast-feeding, talking on the phone, and making notes...what was she steering with, her teeth? Totally insane.

willow2 Sat 06-Dec-03 10:40:08

Every time I hear the radio advert reminding people that it is illegal to hold a mobile phone and drive (the one that says... "It's difficult to concentrate on two things at the same time" I always think it should only be aimed at men, as we women are so good at multi-tasking. Surely this is all the proof I need?

zebra Sat 06-Dec-03 11:13:14

More about the sect . They actually describe themselves as a "political religion ", anyway.

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