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laughalot Tue 21-Feb-06 19:11:43

We are going on holiday in june my ds will be 23 months we are off to gran canaria 4 hour flight how do you keep them entertained ? He is a nightmare at keeping still for 2 minutes any suggestions ?

Mumatuks Tue 21-Feb-06 19:14:49

We brought DS a travel scribble board, that way no felt tips / crayons / missing lids / messy pens! No paper to carry around. It's still played with today! Got it in the ELC for around £10.

We were on a flight to Florida that lasted 9 hrs and DS1 was 16 months. He also got to watch the little t.v with kids programmes on it, that helps if they have it on your plane!

Good Luck!

laughalot Tue 21-Feb-06 19:23:09

Cheers for that advice sounds like a good idea. I dident worry when we went when he was younger he just slept now he will be probably be helping sell duty free

Carmenere Tue 21-Feb-06 19:26:14

Stickers! A roll of stickers really works well for my dd 23 months. Yes she puts them everywhere but cleaning them off is part of the fun before landing, they really work, try them.

Beetroot Tue 21-Feb-06 19:26:46

JUST IMAGING your 2 year old getting booed!!! psml

lapsedrunner Tue 21-Feb-06 19:28:48

One small present (wrapped, just use old magazine etc) for every 30 mins of flight works a treat.

Portable DVD player is also worth thinking about (ear piece can be a problem but at that age might be quite happy to watch with sound very low).

laughalot Tue 21-Feb-06 19:55:08

Love the idea of the wrapped pressie and also the stickers im sure we will be fine ... bet your all glad your not on my flight, just in case avoid the 25th june, thomas cook airways flight departing from nottingham east midlands airport

mykidsmum Tue 21-Feb-06 19:56:16

pmsl at the getting booed too!! my kids want to know why I am laughing!!

mykidsmum Tue 21-Feb-06 19:56:19

pmsl at the getting booed too!! my kids want to know why I am laughing!!

laughalot Mon 16-Jul-07 16:01:32

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