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Irish dance classes

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cheekychops03 Mon 20-Feb-06 20:23:00

Does anyone know of anywhere that does Irish dance classes in the se london area? We live in LB Greenwich.

cheekychops03 Mon 20-Feb-06 20:23:36

It's for my 3yo who is desperate to learn Irish dancing.

Mhamai Tue 21-Feb-06 02:54:09

Hi Cheekychops03 came down as I couldn't sleep and saw your post, I don't know how to do links but if you type Irishdancing directory into google it has a list of schools in the Uk among others, hope that's some help.

cheekychops03 Tue 21-Feb-06 14:41:08


khartnett Thu 17-Sep-09 20:00:32

Hi i teach dancing in Kent? x

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