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Why don't mums get sick leave?

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SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 15:45:05

In my pre-children days I would have spent today off work and tucked up in bed with a handy supply of cold remedies, a box of tissues and day time TV. However, since I am a mother I have had to take DS1 to school in the freezing cold, entertain DS2 (OK, I stuck him in front of the TV) and cook lunch for us both. Then I had to wrestle DS2 off to meet DS1, shout at them both and come hom eto their constant demands for drinks, chocolate and snacks.

Does anyone else think the government should provide free nannies for days like this?? Sigh - only in an ideal world I guess.

dsw Thu 04-Dec-03 15:46:23

I think the goverment should supply free Nanny's all the time. Hope you feel better soon

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 15:47:50

It would certainly be nice if they could take DS2 away and return him fully potty trained

dsw Thu 04-Dec-03 15:48:37

Can my DD go aswell?

MammyShirl Thu 04-Dec-03 15:49:17

or children that are battery operated... i feel crap today, i know ill take the batteries out until saturday...

ahh that would be lovely, never have to worry about who is looking after them, costs of care, guilt etc...

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 15:51:27

Or a hibernate mode...

Chinchilla Fri 05-Dec-03 19:46:35

Sick days? What about holiday pay? This would be where you get paid to go to a sunny resort by yourself for two weeks. I suppose the free nannies could be used in that case too!

musica Fri 05-Dec-03 20:43:23

SD - I've often thought that - usually after dh has been off work ill in bed, has given me whatever bug he's had, and then swanned off back to work. Of course when he's off, I can't ask him to do anything with the kids because 'I'm ill - I'm supposed to be resting' but when I'm ill it's 'Well I can't take any time off work!'. Not his fault - but I don't know what mums are supposed to do!

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