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dh made me furious

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twiglett Thu 04-Dec-03 15:29:54

message withdrawn

dsw Thu 04-Dec-03 15:33:58

Blokes are tossers sometimes - I had blazing row with my dp last night aswell and didn't talk to him this morning, because he critised my driving skills!!!

ThomCat Thu 04-Dec-03 15:43:58

Perhaps you should both just kiss and make up tonight aye

kayleigh Thu 04-Dec-03 15:47:20

my dh loves winding me up. And the crosser i get the funner he thinks it is. And he does it most just before my period when i have a complete sense of humour failure anyway.
One day i'm gonna punch his lights out.

Then let's see who's laughing

dadslib Thu 04-Dec-03 15:49:44

Message withdrawn

kayleigh Thu 04-Dec-03 15:51:18

Should have known whose side you'd come down on DL

dsw Thu 04-Dec-03 15:53:17

Mine is the same - I am sure he is just testing how far he can push me....

It wasn't only the driving bit, he got home from work before me - always does. I went to pick dd up from childminders when I got home he had cooked his tea - but not ours!!! His excuse was he was going out to watch football - what sort of B*ll*hit is that? (Rant Over for a sec..)

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 15:54:21

I've mentioned this on another thread before but Twiglett, I recommend you iron the word ARSE into the back of his work shirts. It certainly made me feel a whole lot better when I did it to DH. It was tricky but it cheered me up no end!

kayleigh Thu 04-Dec-03 15:58:08

ROFL Soupie

aloha Thu 04-Dec-03 22:32:49

You know, I bet when you said 'why have you got this' he thought you were saying 'you stupid fool - didn't you know your cc was out of date. Let me sort this out, you moron.' And the rest of the conversation was his revenge. Yes, I know you weren't saying that, but I would bet that's what he heard. I have read you shouldn't say to kids 'why did you do that' as it pretty much invariably sounds like criticism.
Not defending him winding you up, mind, just trying to suggest why he was doing it. Hurt male pride - you'd caught him out.

twiglett Thu 04-Dec-03 22:36:13

message withdrawn

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