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Jury Service

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SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 12:09:43

Just to put a real shine on the really cr*ppy day I had yesterday, I got called for Jury service. I've duly sent my form back asking to be excused for "childcare" reasons. This is one of the legitimate options to choose from. Has anyone else successfully been excused for this? I have 2 under 5 and it's simply impossible.

Northerner Thu 04-Dec-03 12:12:21

Not sure about this Soupy. I did jury service a couple of years back and I was under the impression that you could defer it once but the next time you were called you had to go. But that was before ds so I wouldn't have looked at the childcare stuff.

MUM2ELA Thu 04-Dec-03 12:13:10

Yes, Soupy, my SIL did. Her DD was a couple of months old, SIL doesn't drive and had no childcare. They said it was fine.

BTW, i was excused from Jury Service as I had exams in Uni. They didn't seem bothered in the slightest and just said, 'oh, ring us and let us know when you are available'. I have never rung back.

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 12:17:17

I'm quietly confindent seeing as they give "childcare" as an option to choose to be excused. I can't see myself becoming available until the boys have left school!

Northerner, you get the option to defer (once), be excused for being a vicar, judge, whatever and then to be excused for a variety of options including childcare.

Batters Thu 04-Dec-03 12:19:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

codswallop Thu 04-Dec-03 12:54:18

soupy! the soham trial thread starts on this basis

Gem13 Thu 04-Dec-03 13:05:57

Short answer - yes with no fuss. Have 16 month old and am pregnant.

DH was really envious but what if it was to do with child abuse?

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-03 13:15:16

The thought of jury service fills me with horror anyway - the thought of having to express an opinion in front of strangers?? <<shudder>> I'm glad I have a "valid" excuse to get out of it but I genuinely can't see how people with children and no family nearby can possibly do it.

Lou33 Thu 04-Dec-03 17:28:33

I was excused about 11 years ago for the same reason, I haven't been called again (now jinxed self).

SoupDragon Fri 12-Dec-03 14:33:55

Party time!! I've been excused.

codswallop Fri 12-Dec-03 14:34:23

well doen the soupster

fio2 Fri 12-Dec-03 14:35:30


SoupDragon Fri 12-Dec-03 14:43:54

It's made my day! I've just spent over an hour at a Tescos petrol station waiting for the RAC to come and change my wheel (yes, in thory I could have changed it myself but why pay for a dog and bark yourself?)

JulieF Fri 12-Dec-03 20:08:29

A long time ago but my mother wasn't excused for childcare reasons (they offered to provide childcare) however it turned out they wanted her when she had a booked paid for holiday and they excused her for that. I got excused for being pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are also excused I believe.

Tetley Fri 12-Dec-03 20:12:28

I was excused for this last year - I work part-time so explained to them that I would only be able to go 3 days a week - & would have to leave at 4pm to pick the kids up on those days.

I got a letter back saying that that was valid & that I would be excused (but would obviously go back on the register for sometime in the future).

suzywong Fri 12-Dec-03 20:17:57

Just coming in on the tail of this thread but I was excuse early this year for telling them i was too pg to sit still for long periods (bad circulation) and I would havr to go fot antenatal appointments and also the childcare issue for ds1.

I also know someone who got out of it by saying she was still bfeeding a thrre year old. She wasn't but then who is going to check or offer to do it for her

tigi Wed 26-Jan-05 19:55:45

Hi, I know it's an old thread, but I wondered if anyone could give me a bit of advice - I have been called for jury service at easter, and would like to defer for childcare reasons ( i have three, two at school, one two year old). I can tell then what dates i cannot do. I it unreasonable to send in a list of school hol dates do you think?- I know they pay childcare, but where will I get a childminder for 3 children for 2 weeks!?
thanks for any advice

Tetley Wed 26-Jan-05 20:00:48

I was excused for childcare reasons last year. I wrote & explained that I could go 3 days a week (i.e. when I was usually at work) but would have to leave in time to collect the kids, and that I wouldn't be able to do it the other 2 days a week.

I just got a letter back saying that was fine & I'd be excused.

Just write to them & explain the situation - they seemed reasonable to me.

leahbump Wed 26-Jan-05 20:01:40

just thought i'd add...that the list of professionals that were excluded from jry service ('s etc) are no longer excluded. It was felt that too many professionals were excluded and this skewed the life experience of the jury. There was no real reasons why such folk shouldn't be jurers.

EEEK well i'll not be able to get out out it once ds and bump are at school.

(vicar who thought she'd never have to do it!)

sobernow Wed 26-Jan-05 20:03:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinyGang Wed 26-Jan-05 20:06:03

I was excused for this no problem a couple of years back.

The irony is I would have loved to have done jury service when I was still at work and could have spared the time (well, my employer would have to have spared me!) and the courts were practically next to where I used to work too! Doesn't fit in all all around young children though, does it..

tigi Wed 26-Jan-05 20:09:41

Thanks for your quick resonses! I phoned the jury office today, and was told that they do pay childcare! I'm just worried they will call me again in the school holidays, and I can't say no then! The jury lady said that if I deferred , I would definatly be called in the year! In another 18 + months all three will be at school, so that would be easier than for this year! I might write with alist 2 of 2005 school hols. Also, if I go at Easter, i would imagine it's closed good friday, easter mon, so I could end up there 3 weeks!

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