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GOD the BAFTAS make me want to VOMIT

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CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:18:12

What a load of self serving wank

FGS get a grip you only make sodding films

Nbg Sun 19-Feb-06 23:18:29

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:19:31

I have to watch in in a masochistic sort of way

David Puttenham is wanking on as if he is bloody jesus or something

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:20:21

oh cd get a grip. it is great

Earlybird Sun 19-Feb-06 23:20:45

THought that thanking George Clooney for his contribution to modern culture was wayyyy over the top....

Nbg Sun 19-Feb-06 23:20:52


But they are arteests don't you know!!

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:21:13

no beety is it a load of arse!

He is waffling beyond belief

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:21:37

But he made some of themost significant fimlms this century

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:21:45

I do think Philip Seymour Hoffman or whatever he is called is a fab actor

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:21:58

my dh is crying

Earlybird Sun 19-Feb-06 23:22:09

Was that Jude Law who presented the award to Best Actress? Had the sound turned down. If it was him, he looked dire - what was going on with his hair??

Tommy Sun 19-Feb-06 23:22:15

totally agree with you CD! Was thinking exactly the same thing.
And what was that woman Thandie Something wearing? (silly name as well)It's only a night out at the cinema - she looked like she was getting married....

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:22:56

yes yes I know but it is all so self serving and appalling and lurrrvvviiieee and wankeeeeeeeeee

Did you see your gay loverboy Jakey wotsit got a gong for his mountain shenanigans beety?

Earlybird Sun 19-Feb-06 23:23:14

CD - agree about PSH, though was underwhelmed by his thank you speech. Not very inspired, original or articulate.

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:23:32

I'm not surprised Beety, it makes me want to weep too

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:24:44

yes jake got recognised

dh very omoved by putnam. so stop being cynical

Caligula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:25:33

Vom vom vom vom vom. Just had to turn Puttnam off.

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:25:47

ahem beety what has DP done this century that is so great?

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:26:18

God I am so shocked that you are such a cynical bunch. He talked about hs father adn his mother really. moving and honest

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:26:46

He retired 8 years ago CD

JanH Sun 19-Feb-06 23:27:00

Oh you know which century she means, CD!

Earlybird Sun 19-Feb-06 23:27:12

So - was that Jude Law or not?

CountessDracula Sun 19-Feb-06 23:27:38

so he hasn't after all made some of the most signifcant films this century as you earlier claimed

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:27:43

yes it was eb

Beetroot Sun 19-Feb-06 23:27:57


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