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Inspirational ways to spend my christmas bonus...

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scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 14:57:18

Following on from the handbag thread, I cannot imagine myself ever spending £700 on a handbag!!! I keep wondering idly what I would personally think would be a better application for that amount of money.

Any ideas? It being christmas time, I have a christmas bonus coming up and would like to do something inspirational, deep and meaningful with it this year!

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 14:59:34

Take me on holiday

dsw Wed 03-Dec-03 15:00:59

And me!!! Christmas Bonus - what is that?? Send an email to my boss and tell please

Hulababy Wed 03-Dec-03 15:03:37

What's a Christmas bonus????

Actually DH is just about to spend his bonus on the deposit for our holiday to Florida next summer

twiglett Wed 03-Dec-03 15:05:25

message withdrawn

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:10:26

I want to do something benevolent! It needs to be something I can do myself - a direct action sort of thing...

Not about stoking the fires of selfish materialism, more an antidote to that kind of thing...

Anyone have any ideas or am I on my own here!!!

roscoe Wed 03-Dec-03 15:11:15

There's a great new scheme called "adopt-a-roscoe". You buy her chocolate and wine and send her on a luxury holiday. In return you get a nice postcard to show to all your friends.

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 15:12:28

Sponsor a forestfly?

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 15:16:02

Buy loads of gorgeous food and take it to the local soup kitchen, donate a fabulous prize to raffle at you mean that kind of thing,or something bigger?

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:16:34

Unfortunately bonus insufficient to take you all on slap up holiday with wine, chocolate and spa treatments - anyway you know you'd hate it really...

salt Wed 03-Dec-03 15:17:47

I can't remember the last time I got a christmas bonus ... must start looking for a new job in January.

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:18:00

soup kitchen food idea is on the right lines, forestfly! But it also needs to have some humour injected in!

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:19:29

There's a children's hospice near me, I wonder of there's something I could do there?

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 15:20:41

Humour, i dont know, buy everyone in your village a bottle of vodka and tell them all to meet up at the local park in drag

twiglett Wed 03-Dec-03 15:22:02

message withdrawn

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 15:22:18

I want to get rid of all my boys toys before christmas as they'll be no room for the amount of crap they'll get. I was thinking of taking it to a childrens hospital

roscoe Wed 03-Dec-03 15:22:42

A silly xmas party for the children and their families?

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:22:53

:0 :0
would that make the world a nicer place?

Forestfly Wed 03-Dec-03 15:23:29

How about all the elderly that are on there own over christmas you could buy them nice hampers?

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:23:54

that wink was for forest fly's idea!

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:24:46

Elderly people is a brilliant idea, they get lonely and forgotten - that's what it will be!

SenoraPostrophe Wed 03-Dec-03 15:25:13

How about a few random acts of kindness?

My sister regularly pays the toll for the car behind her at bridges etc. for example. At least one recipient would deserve it!

handlemecarefully Wed 03-Dec-03 15:26:11

I think for about £175 you can purchase a prosthetic limb for a landmine victim. Can't get much more worthy and inspirational than that.

If you are interested I will try and get you the details (will involve me thinking hard to remember where I read this and what the contact details for the charity concerned were...I think I might have read about it in Marie Claire of all places)

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:26:23

Random acts of kindness is a brillian tone too.

I can take some old folk gifts and try to set them up on blind dates with each other or do old peoples speed dating perhaps...

scoobysnax Wed 03-Dec-03 15:28:04

Prosthetic limbs would indeed be life changing - I was thinking of something in the UK but that does sound like a good idea...
not sure it lends itself to any humourous element mind you...

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