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Xmas pressie or money- a question to those with a cleaner

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kayleigh Wed 03-Dec-03 14:23:13

Do you give your cleaners money or a gift ? And if it's a gift how much do you spend in relation to what you give her each week ?

In the past I have given my cleaner a weeks money (approx £25) as a xmas present. But this year I have a new cleaner and would rather not fork out that much. Am I being mean ?

yoko Wed 03-Dec-03 14:37:05

well as shes new to you i dont think you need to go overboard-how about some nice bath stuff,or bottle of booze,chocs?boring maybe,but as you dont know her that well i would think it would be appropriate.i have reincarnated myself from nurse to cleaner and thats the sort of thing id like,but seeings as i clean disgusting offices with disgusting men its highly unlikely!!actually,id just like them to learn to wee IN the loo!!sorry!

Beetroot Wed 03-Dec-03 14:38:05

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 03-Dec-03 14:38:21


Certainly not! (you are not being mean, that is).

I think the christmas present need only be a token one....after all you do already pay her for her work....

I am getting the cleaner either a really decent bottle of wine, or M&S Brand champagne (less than £15 and maybe its just me, but tastes fine to me)

twiglett Wed 03-Dec-03 14:40:46

message withdrawn

aloha Wed 03-Dec-03 14:41:42

I'm getting her a few presents - and will probably 'round up' her money a bit too. She buys presents for ds and us! I think that's unusual though.

Metrobaby Wed 03-Dec-03 14:48:10

I think £25 is v generous ! I give my cleaner a tenner too and a small gift for her ds. Our cleaner comes fortnightly. My cleaner actually prefers money as she says money is tight for her and they are saving to move back to Portugal.

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 16:09:01

Both, I usually give £20 or £30 + a token gift.

Boot1 Wed 03-Dec-03 16:16:34

I will probably give mine a little pressie, maybe bottle of something.

Azure Wed 03-Dec-03 16:19:39

I give money - £10-£15 (oops, maybe a bit mean). My cleaners have always been Polish and rarely speak English, so I think money is the safest option for me.

linzoid Wed 03-Dec-03 16:40:13

You all sound very generous to me. I am a cleaner myself and i have never been given anything at christmas. How about that for gratitude!!

princesspeahead Wed 03-Dec-03 17:04:50

both. small gift and also about a weeks money. particularly since mine buys presents worth about £10 - £15 for each of my three children which makes me feel a bit guilty. she is a woman who clearly wants grandchildren of her own but in the meantime enjoys spoiling mine!

fisil Wed 03-Dec-03 19:44:22

We pay ours for the week she doesn't work over Xmas. We wouldn't usually pay holiday pay, so it kind of works out.

bunny2 Wed 03-Dec-03 22:52:22

In the days when we could afford a cleaner <sob> I gave her an extra weeks money plus a bottle of bacardi (her fav tipple).

Wills Wed 03-Dec-03 23:25:37

I'm buying mine a manicure. My cleaner cares passionately about her finger nails. She really really really hated it when dd1 started to move and I had to put child safety locks on the kitchen doors.

Wills Wed 03-Dec-03 23:27:42

Sorry - should also have said that we're very close to our cleaner and she always buys the dds presents as well.

kayleigh Fri 05-Dec-03 18:13:07

You have been very helpful. I think i'll compromise and go £15 cash plus a bottle of something, or box of choccies.

Thank you

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