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OK ladies, own up! How much did your handbag cost?

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kando Tue 02-Dec-03 22:28:05

Rather a daft query, I know, but I have spotted a rather lovely leather "Radley" handbag. Trouble is it costs £90. (Even though DH has said he'd get it for me for Xmas/birthday present, I'm still not sure I can justify £90 on a handbag!)

How much would you spend on a handbag - do you think £90 is too much?

sobernow Tue 02-Dec-03 22:34:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jmf2106 Tue 02-Dec-03 22:38:56

If it's a birthday/Xmas pressie then I wouldn't feel bad about it, especially if it's what you really want. I don't know about you, but I don't treat myself very much these days so an opportunity for a bit of extravagance is a real luxury (especially if it's being paid for by someon else!). Go for it!

SueW Tue 02-Dec-03 22:39:06

My philosophy is with clothing, handbags, anything:

Try it.

How good does it make me feel? Decide how much I think it should cost.

Look at price tag.

Does it make me feel that good? Would I work X hours to get that item? Will I wear it that many times?

I spent hours looking for a handbag recently and spotted the perfect one in Poundstretcher. Cost a fiver. Queued up. Noticed fault. Thought 'What else can you expect for a fiver?' Thought again. Ducked out of queue. Picked another. Perfect. Bought it. Use it loads.

OTOH bought a Jaegar dress and jacket last summer. Felt a million dollars when I tried it on. Cost £125 reduced for both. Worn once. Waste of money.

I also have a Tula purse/bag. Cost £45. Use it all the time (I put it inside the fiver bag mentioned above!) Worth every penny and more.

How much do you love it?

pie Tue 02-Dec-03 22:40:23

My one is from H&M, £6.99 I think.

Back in the day when we had some money DH brought me a Kate Spade for £150 and a matching filofax for £80...those days are long gone.

But I am a handbag fiend over the years I have accumulated about 50.

If I had the money there would be no limit on what I would spend on a handbag, they are my true weakness.

janh Tue 02-Dec-03 22:44:41

I have pockets mostly.

mamajacqui Tue 02-Dec-03 22:45:08

The handbag I'm using cost £40. I justify that by carrying everything a mum needs. I'd much rather my husband bought me gold as a gift something I'm going to get years of enjoyment out of wearing. I tend to hold out for the "biggies" from him but heh if its what you want I'd give him a big kiss and say thank you..

pupuce Tue 02-Dec-03 22:45:17

Really pie
When I got my first big job I bought myself a Lancel (French) and that was £200.... and my mum bought me a Gucci some 20 years ago when it was fashionable.... now I get my mum's second hand and as she is a snob they're not too bad

pie Tue 02-Dec-03 22:45:21

janh, the amount of crap I carry around I wouldn't be able to lift my legs

jmf2106 Tue 02-Dec-03 22:45:30

Got that caught up with getting my message right (I'm new here!) that I forgot to tell you about my bag! I've got 2 - one for work (a big one - £10 from George at Asda) and a smaller one (£45 from M&S which I've had for a couple of years). I did "um and ah" about the £45 at the time but it is a lovely bag and I have no regrets! I'm more of a shoe person myself, to be honest - can't throw them away.

pie Tue 02-Dec-03 22:46:31


You mean handbags aren't my true weakness? What did I give away in the throws of pain?

charliecat Tue 02-Dec-03 23:07:20

I use a rucksack by donnay! £5. Originally brought for carrying nappys and baby food etc about and 6 years later still in daily use filled with 2 lunch boxes every morning! Saw some bags in Fenwicks for 50 quid plus the other day and thought folk must be mad to pay that much for a bag. Each to their own though of course!

fairydust Tue 02-Dec-03 23:29:12


i love them -

My favourite has to be my Louis vuitton -dh brought me one - a couple of years ago £350 -

this was before dd was born and we were both
earning -

have to admit i do feel rather special when i take it out -

if i was to buy a hand bag now £20.00 from next is about my max

hoxtonchick Tue 02-Dec-03 23:42:01

bought a new one last month, made by circa, which was £110. i think that's pretty much the most expensive i've ever bought, but i've got a few that cost around the £100 mark. my (poor) excuse is that i can't fit into any of my pre-ds clothes so need to cheer myself up. dp isn't going for it....

Welshmum Wed 03-Dec-03 07:50:37

I've got one for when I'm at work - 100 quid at a Burberry outlet. I love it - a little bit of luxury in a world of sleep deprivation. My nappy bag was 20 quid from Gap - I had a freebie from DH's work before that but I realised carrying it around was making me feel old and depressed so I binned it.(in retrospect it was really horrible)

wiltshire Wed 03-Dec-03 09:28:53

20 quid from bhs, now have to replace with more mummy friendly one

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 09:32:04

I've had mine for years, bought it in Oasis, no idea how much but I guess around £40

Must get a new one

hana Wed 03-Dec-03 09:32:56

Sadly only $10 Cad ( maybe £4??) It's quite scruffy right now and I would *love* to get a nice sturdy leather one, but they are just so expensive!! I put dd things ( diaper,etc) in a little knapsack so I wouldn't really need a big one like I have now. Maybe in the Jan sales....I think I would pay up to £50 for one ( medium size) and if you are using all the time maybe a bit more. I couldn't justify one too expensive as I only work 1 day.
If you love it and it would bring you up a notch I would go for it!

melsy Wed 03-Dec-03 09:51:06

My weakness is bags , like u pie I have about 50. I will spend anything from £20 - £300.

I would love a Hermes Kelly bag though £2000 + I DONT THINK SO, a stall in bluwater sells the most amazing ones for about £150.

Have a maaaaaad fetish for Louis Vuitton - have purses/filos/bags etc. cannot justify the expense now as not working. DH said he would buy a new one for Birthday,giving birth,anniversary and I said NO. Is that good will power or what!!!I havent bought a bag for ages , arent I good!

Has anyone seen the article in the Sunday times STYLE mag page 64 this week. It says we relate to bags in the same way men relate to cars!!!It also says our relationship to bags is linked to female psyche.It is soooo true. I wonder if I can find it on the net for those who didnt get this this weekend. I will have a look , just not good at placing links on here!!!

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 09:58:30

What is the point of spending all that money on a bag? I mean £2k is just stupid, I'm afraid IMO anyone who spends that much on a bag is a cretin.

In the words of Jarvis Cocker

What's the point in being rich
If you don't know what to do with it
cos you're so bleeding THICK!

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 09:59:20

Oh god now you're all going to tell me you buy 2k handbags on daily basis and have phd in nuclear physics

melsy Wed 03-Dec-03 09:59:55

Not sure if this will work, try this here .

If not go to here .

Type in bags on search.

melsy Wed 03-Dec-03 10:00:36

Cool that the first time linking has worked for me. Very excited SAD huh?!

melsy Wed 03-Dec-03 10:02:51

OI CD , I am not thick!!! BTW I have a degree!

Yes 2k is Nuts, thats a luxury holiday for 2. No no , would only spend it if millionaire and stupid person!!!!

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 10:03:32

That woman is a vacous twat

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