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Golden Wedding Anniversary

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Cam Tue 02-Dec-03 12:21:44

No, not me, you cruel people, but my parents! Although that's bad enough, but I do have an older brother, honest!
I want to know what suggestions you all have for this celebration (let's face it, they deserve a medal, imagine being married to the same person for 50 years!)
Apart from a family lunch get-together, I want to buy them a night in a London hotel and tickets to a show - does anyone know the best way to get a package or is it better to buy these separately? I'm thinking of "Anything Goes" Anyone seen it?

ThomCat Tue 02-Dec-03 12:41:46

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cam!

How about taking them for tea at The Lanesborough (Hotel)- it's really nice there and then as they think it's time to leave spring it on them that they aren't coming home with you but you've booked them into a hotel (poss The Savoy, or The Lanesborough itself) and then pull out the overnight bag you've packed for them secretly, and the theatre tickets??

ThomCat Tue 02-Dec-03 12:42:21

You could book them into the Honeymoon suite!

fairydust Tue 02-Dec-03 13:06:02

were ever you do book - don't be afraid to ask for a discount or specia offer - most hotels do these but don't think ot tell u

bluesky Wed 03-Dec-03 10:24:19

Cam, I took my parents to see Anything Goes, it was FANTASTIC, great set, songs, costumes .. brilliant.

Try looking on, they sometimes do packages. Or try the Radisson group of hotels.

jimmychoos Wed 03-Dec-03 12:46:31

I bought my parents two rose bushes for their ruby wedding - one was called 'celebration' I think and the other 'Ruby wedding'.

Cam Wed 03-Dec-03 14:19:36

Oh thanks so much for the review, bluesky, and all the other great suggestions from y'all. I'm inspired now!

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