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Parking at Potters Bar train station

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mckenzie Thu 03-May-12 21:52:34

Is there any? Its not my local station but I need to get. Train from there late tomorro morning.

Onetwothreeoops Thu 03-May-12 22:21:05

There is a large car park but it does get quite full with commuters and all the surrounding roads have controlled parking or pay at meter on the main road.

Hopefully you can get into the car park though!

mckenzie Thu 03-May-12 22:22:23

thank you. U just found it on the website (sorry, should have looked there first blush.)

£6.20 to park there shock

southeastastra Thu 03-May-12 22:23:14

carry on to the 'dreams' shop at the end of the road past the station turn left, and there is a council run car park

mckenzie Fri 04-May-12 17:53:59

Thanks SEA

redheaded2 Wed 13-Nov-13 23:06:53

Old thread but we've just put an offer on a house in Potters Bar and curious about the station parking. Does anyone know if it fills really early, say 6.30, or if it takes a while. I need to get to Hanger Lane 2 x per week from a house a mile away so checking my options. Ta x

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