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LIly pollen stains

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codswallop Sat 29-Nov-03 14:36:30

On wooden (painted) mantlepiece

Help please

emmatmg Sat 29-Nov-03 14:40:25

The only things I can think of is sand the area and re-paint it.

Maybe a little bit of bleach of a clothe and scrub it.

Or just buy different flowers

codswallop Sat 29-Nov-03 14:42:08

they were a present - bleach no good.

dh not pleased

emmatmg Sat 29-Nov-03 14:44:43

cluching at straws here but what about a bicarb. soda solution. That stuff seems to have magic properties for all types of household mishaps so maybe......

survivour Sat 29-Nov-03 14:46:48

Hi codswallop, there is nothing that will get rid of the stain in one go, you have to keep going back over it, I found cif(jif) was pretty good, and when you get lillies, cut off the stamins straight away, make sure you have a piece of tissue to drop them in and bin them. As soon as they start to open up.

Angeliz Sat 29-Nov-03 14:47:28

no use at all for now codswallop, but whenever i get lilies i remove the pollen thingys straight away as i have had it all over my face and it really stains! Good luck with the mantlepeice!

bran Sat 29-Nov-03 16:43:58

Try wrapping some sellotape around your fingers sticky-side out and dabbing gently at it. My mum used to own a flower shop and that's what she always did if she got any on her clothes. If it's already been rubbed into the surface that may not work though.

BadHair Sat 29-Nov-03 17:00:15

I'd try a paste of bicarb of soda, or bleach. You could try babywipes - they got crayon off our telly (including where it was mashed into the speakers), red lipstick off white settee and an aged calpol stain off the bathroom carpet. Would probably also work as oven cleaner/paintstripper but at least they leave bottoms soft and poo-free.

roscoe Sat 29-Nov-03 17:12:27

Ask Jeeves has a lot of info on lily pollen.

twiglett Sat 29-Nov-03 17:20:36

message withdrawn

codswallop Sat 29-Nov-03 18:59:33

thabks all - kept rubbing int he end..Bloody flowers were crap anyway as they all lost their leaves bfore even half the buds came out...

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