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My husband is a nag HELP********

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frodo Fri 10-Feb-06 21:34:07

My husband is such a nag, I asked whether he has to work at this or does it come naturally, I go out just to get away from it, it gives me huge migraines, he has just been upstairs to nag more. Anyone got any tips HELP!!!!!

charliecat Fri 10-Feb-06 21:40:07

Whats he nagging about?

waterfalls Fri 10-Feb-06 21:42:06

I know what you mean, I bathed all three kids this morning, bearing in mind one is poorly, 10 minutes later dh gets up and nags me because I did'nt put a clean towel in the bathroom

frodo Fri 10-Feb-06 21:50:13

He doesnt need a reason to nag, it just happens, the slightest thing sets him into a nag episode, I know if i leave him, he will just nag me to take him back ha ha
and they say us women r bad

magnolia1 Fri 10-Feb-06 21:59:49

Mine is a nagger too

HellyBelly Sat 11-Feb-06 12:06:21

Mine keeps going on about what a nag I am at the moment (he needs nagging!!) HOWEVER he is very set in his ways and one thing he used to nag me about was food left on plates, dregs of tea etc left in mugs. This is a rare thing I do anyway and it would only be when say I cleared up ds and my lunch and I needed to rush off and do something so put it in the kitchen for a mo and then just plain forgot or didn't get round to it but it's the way he nagged - we'd have big rows about this like it was some major problem! Of course I no longer do this but there's always me forgetting to put out a new toilet roll, replacing the tea towel etc. (my memory isn't what it used to be! )

LadyTophamHatt Sat 11-Feb-06 12:27:06

Yes, I have a nagger too.

You know that saying about "a woman turning into her own mother" or whatever it is? well in our house it's wrong....he is turning into my mother!

I sometimes feel like beating him to death with the nearest heavy object.

Flossam Sat 11-Feb-06 12:28:59

Nother nagger here too.

Carmenere Sat 11-Feb-06 12:40:31

I have to say that my dp isn't a nagger, he wouldn't dare. If he even tried to begin to complain about toilet roll, tea towel or the like I would just laugh at him.

He works hard to provide for everyone (he has 5 kids, just one with me)and I work hard at caring for all of us (dp, dd and dss). We all do our best and if some things don't get done then tough. If they are important they will get done by one or the other of us at some stage.

I do recognise that this is our own personal way of running our lives and that others wouldn't be happy leaving the dishes in the sink etc.

doormat Sat 11-Feb-06 14:51:28

Another one that has a nagger here
but I just ignore him

WestCountryLass Sat 11-Feb-06 21:42:55

DH has had it about him today as well. He opened a kitchen cupboard and there was a bit of flour spilt and he said "well" and raised his eyebrow at me (wtf?), so I handed him a cloth and said "well" back. Silly arse!

I swear he is turning into an old woman, he is only 34! If I have 40 years of this ahead of me, God help me!

MrsMills Sat 11-Feb-06 21:47:25

Yep, another one here. I have to blame his mother of course. I can't explain it, but it's just the way he says things. I know it's nagging, he dresses it up as 'just letting me know'. Saturday mornings are a favourite time of his for 'just letting me know'

But he is very handsome.

frodo Sun 12-Feb-06 06:28:00

Thanx gals, its a relief to know that i am not the only one who is married to a nagger. yesterday he nagged that there was not enough room in the fridge to put anything, the day before he moaned there wasnt enough food in there.I go shopping to shut him up and i still get it in the neck. I think he enjoys it,any excuse to nag sometimes i wish he would come down with an attack of laryngitis(hope its spelt right) for the day and lose his voice and then i can get some peace(that would be heaven).

Myfourkids04 Wed 11-Sep-19 07:25:34

My partners a bag too didn't put petrol in car busy I forgot was going too get it next day so I get nagged at all night then today put the keys on the hook nagg nagg nagg then he reminds me about the petrol and yes he naggs me about the hand towel cloths I've left on the floor jyst after bathing kids I was going to get it done once they are dressed nagg nagg nagg

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