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I spy a cow..

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codswallop Fri 28-Nov-03 14:20:46

a fast yellow duck

ks Fri 28-Nov-03 14:21:10

Message withdrawn

CupOfC Fri 28-Nov-03 14:22:09

Message withdrawn

codswallop Fri 28-Nov-03 14:22:35

Bah humbug - I love it

JulietteBinoche Fri 28-Nov-03 14:22:39

a computer screen

codswallop Fri 28-Nov-03 14:23:33

doesnt anyone else know it - a very "catchy" (for that read irritating..) song

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 14:23:36

i dont get what you are doing!

CupOfC Fri 28-Nov-03 14:26:51

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Fri 28-Nov-03 14:29:58

Now, is it "whoops we found it" or "woof we found it"?

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 14:32:22

wht are you doing?!

Davros Fri 28-Nov-03 14:33:14

Don't know what it is but thought it was going to be something like a Troll and feared it referred to me!!! You're all bonkers!

SoupDragon Fri 28-Nov-03 14:34:29

If you've never seen "I Spy" on Nick Jnr, you're a very very lucky person

Terrible terrible program which is utterly pointless.

<<whispers>> at least I think that's what they're on about, I'm not 100% sure!

dadslib Fri 28-Nov-03 14:35:48

Message withdrawn

samACon Fri 28-Nov-03 14:35:59

We sing whoops, but it is an annoying program. Thankfully we can only watch it at MILS.

SoupDragon Fri 28-Nov-03 14:38:19

I thought it was whoops too but then I listened to it and woof makes more sense given one of them is a dog.

ThomCat Fri 28-Nov-03 14:45:19

Coddy - you do start the most bizarre threads in the world!!!!!!!! You're mad and I think you're great!

LIZS Fri 28-Nov-03 15:19:28

? 10 dominoes
and a happy red truck ....

lou33 Fri 28-Nov-03 15:20:07

Ds2 makes me turn it over when it comes on, saying "it's rubbish" !

Angeliz Fri 28-Nov-03 15:30:08

whoop we found it,
whoop we found it,
whoop we found it,
how about you

WedgiesMum Fri 28-Nov-03 16:16:00

I spy a star......

SoupDragon Fri 28-Nov-03 18:11:37

There's a superb revew os an "I Spy" DVD here!

twiglett Fri 28-Nov-03 18:17:37

message withdrawn

LIZS Fri 28-Nov-03 18:24:30

..a fine blue kazoo....

GeorginaA Fri 28-Nov-03 18:41:36

Soupy - that review has made my day, laughed so much and I even read it out to dh

codswallop Fri 28-Nov-03 19:33:22

isnt it bright blue kazoo? four silly knights..
I love it
dsses are getting the book

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