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I've written my car off.......

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ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 11:53:35

I wrote our car off on Tuesday evening and just feel so gutted about it really. It was a horrible evening, dark, puring with rain and the car in front stopped a bit suddenly to let a car out. I applied the brakes and just didn't stop - the car just kept going and smashed straight into the car in front. Thanks God Lottie wasn't in the car - I was on my way to get her. The car in front was a huge jeep thing and the lady driving and her car were fine! it's just our car that is a write off - I couldn't even open the door to get out. I've torn the ligaments in my neck, no big deal. I just feel so gutted and a bit down about it all really. Silly I know - it's only a car and no-one was hurt etc. But just keep replaying it all in my mind and can't seem to shake off the feeling low for some reason.
It was my first ever experience of anything like that, I've never evn scratched another car and I didn't expect it all to make me feel so blue. Anyway as we all do when something happens in our lives I just wanted to bash it out on Mumsnet!

WideWebWitch Thu 27-Nov-03 11:55:10

Oh Thomcat, sorry to hear this but very glad you're ok.

Cam Thu 27-Nov-03 11:58:10

You've had a car accident, Thomcat, therefore bound to be in shock. Have you been to the doctor to get your neck checked? From an insurance point of view, did the vehicle in front stop suddenly with no warning at all? The driver may not have realised you were even behind her if she was in a high-up jeep thingy.

StressyHead Thu 27-Nov-03 12:00:38

message withdrawn

CnR Thu 27-Nov-03 12:07:34

Oh poor you Thomcat Take care of yourself first a go to the doctors if you are in pain, just to get checked out. You will probably still be in shock so just try and relax a bit too.

It is so annoying isn't it? I reversed and hit anothr car recently- still not nvinced it was all my fault but in shock andcepted liility (stupid, I know now!). Even though the damage was limited and noone was hurt I still felt lousy about it. Take care!

ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 12:09:30

Thanks girls. She did stop a bit suddenly to be honest. I remeber thinking 'bloody hell can't believe you're stopping' as she did so to let a car out. We were on a main road and I was the last in a convoy of cars probably all doing 35 - 40 mph in wet conditions. I have been to see a GP who said I torn ligaments in my neck and took details of the car accident. Yeah - I realise I'm a bit shocked and therefore teary - I just hate feeling this way - I can't bear feeling sorry for myself but don't seem to be able to sanp out of this one as quickly as I usually do. I knw it's only a car but God knows how we'll afford a new car with the piddly insurance money we're bound to receive. Oh see......look, I'm all negative and pathetic!

Right - off the topic of the accident but still related. I've borrowed a car which is a 2 door car. It's really tricky trying to get my 2 year old in and out of the car seat in the back, especailly with my neck and shoulders erc hurting at the moment. Am I allowed to let her travel in the front in her car seat or not really? It doesn't seem ideal but I just wondered if it was OK. There aren't any airbags.

CountessDracula Thu 27-Nov-03 12:09:57

TC mate, so sorry to hear about your horrible accident - at least no-one was hurt, though I strongly suggest you go to the doc if you haven't already in case the neck ligaments problem worsens and you have to make a claim. It is horrible doing something like that, I wrote a car off once and I was freaked about it for ages. Very normal to feel low after a shock so treat yourself to a nice massage followed by a massive glass of wine and a box of choccys, get dh to massage your feet and have a big cuddle and you'll feel much better. Big big hugs ((()))

StressyHead Thu 27-Nov-03 12:12:27

message withdrawn

kayleigh Thu 27-Nov-03 12:13:04

Thomcat, the most important thing is that you are ok and no-one else was hurt. CnR is right you are probably in shock and you will feel awful.
Sending a ((hug)) (is that how you do them ?!)and hoping you feel better soon.

Twinkie Thu 27-Nov-03 12:25:41

Message withdrawn

ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 12:33:16

Bless you all - still feel crap but a smile is sneaking it's way onto my face, slowly - but surely - thanks.

Twinkie Thu 27-Nov-03 12:41:00

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Thu 27-Nov-03 12:43:40


Poor Thomcat, hope you feel better soon.

Our car was written off a few weeks ago - a car swerved off the road and smashed our car up in the middle of the night - but the insurance cheque was for more than the car so silver lining etc.

At least Lottie is ok. xx

<gets ready to through computer out window if this is deleted again....heave>

oliveoil Thu 27-Nov-03 12:44:18

<puts computer back down>

ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 12:44:39

Oh girls - just discovered something. We were insuranced - fully comp and all that, and car had just passed it's MOT but DP hadn't got round to renewing tax!!!!!!!!! What does this mean???????
Feel sick - please tell me we are still insured - please.

Twinkie Thu 27-Nov-03 12:47:35

Message withdrawn

Cam Thu 27-Nov-03 12:51:13

Insurance and tax are totally separate things. How out of date is the tax?

StressyHead Thu 27-Nov-03 13:00:13

message withdrawn

ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 13:04:36

Thanks Stressyhead - much appreicaiated.
It ran out end Sept! Whoops!!!!!!!! Holding my breath and hoping it won't effect insurance.

StressyHead Thu 27-Nov-03 13:05:44

message withdrawn

StressyHead Thu 27-Nov-03 13:18:11

message withdrawn

fio2 Thu 27-Nov-03 13:22:43

Poor you TC hope you get better soon

ThomCat Thu 27-Nov-03 13:25:28

You're a top girl Stressyhead - thank you.
We are insured through the AA - ie they find the insurance company for us and deal with them etc so not exactly sure. Feel a bit better having read your post so thanks. xx

suedonim Thu 27-Nov-03 13:33:17

It's horrid, isn't it, Thomcat? I had an accident with dd2 in the car a couple of years ago, again on a wet road, braking to avoid hitting the car in front which had slowed down. Car just went ape-sh*t, swerving all over both sides of the road, span through 180deg and mounted the verge, where we stopped. The road is used by a lot of farm vehicles and supermarket lorries and I know that neither of us would have survived, had one been coming in the opposite direction. Ugh, it's making me shake and tremble, just thinking of it.

But I try to look on it as a warning, smarten up my driving (btw, I was given to understand that it's no defence to say the car in front stopped suddenly) and be thankful we were okay.

lou33 Thu 27-Nov-03 13:39:10

Blimey Tc, I just read this. Hope you are ok mrs. Drop me an email please! I think Lottie can go in the front in a car seat if there are no air bags btw.

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