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Why can't I pass my driving test?

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dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 13:50:57

Failed my third driving test today. Am putting a brave face on it, but I feel a bit fed up, particularly when dh seems to think it is a big joke (he passed his third test). I am starting to lose faith and think that I may never do it. It is also costing a fortune!

First test went really well with only a few minors, up until the point near the end of the test when I pulled in, went to straighten up and hit the kerb sad

Second test, got quite a lot of faults really. 12 minor (all for different things) and 2 serious - 1 for making a car slow down when I changed lanes and for not seeing a car which had to wait when I was doing a three point turn.

Third test, had hynotherapy to help with my nerves on the day. Don't know if helped really, I was still horribly nervous. Got 8 faults in total, two serious - again for changing lanes and one for being in the wrong lane. I had changed to a different test centre to get an earlier test date and I really didn't know the routes very well. No excuse, I know - I should have been better guided by the road markings.

Just feel so rubbish - got test number 4 booked at the test centre I'm most familiar with, but I'm really starting to wonder if I'll ever do it. My instructor thinks I'm a good driver and I don't seem to make those mistakes on my lessons, but the thought of the test makes me feel sick. Ironically, I think it's actually getting harder the more attempts I take, as there is more internal pressure to pass - as I don't want to have yet another failure!

Please give me hope that it will happen one day sad I didn't tell anyone apart from dh about this test, which is good in one way, but I neeed sympathy sad

pickledthing Sun 07-Jul-13 23:18:01

I passed on my 5th attempt last year!!! I too was extremely nervous, on the 5th test ,mydriving instructor also wouldn't go out with me on test,I made my partner go with me and sit in back,for two weeks before test I started taking Bach flower rescue remedy drop, on the day I had my 8 drops before I went, and 8 drops at test centre, plus I had the Bach flower rescue remedy gum sweets in my lap, and when we stop briefly would put one in mouth to suck!!! Also had a 9.00am test,so I didn't have to think about test to much in morn!!!!!! As found the long waits before hand really made me nervous!

kayalz Wed 21-Aug-13 15:46:56

I failed by 5th test yesterday, 1 minor for a mirror check and one major for speeding. I was on the A120 going 70mph when I came to 50mph sign. I came off the accelerator and began to break aware of the car behind me. When I got back to the test centre I thought that I might of finally passed but the examiner said I failed because I did over 50mph passing the sign. My dad and brother both said they would of done the same thing, but I really have started to give up hope now. I have had hypnosis for my nerves which were the reason for 3 of my other failures, as my legs and arms shock and I could not get the car into gear. Hypnosis has sorted this problem out. I feel like I'm paying £62 plus the extra to the driving instructor just to be told I am a failure sad I have my own car and drive everyone everywhere so I can practice. At the moment I feel like I am never going to achieve my goal and luck is never on my side. I have had some really horrible examiners which have not helped with my nerves. The examiner yesterday got angry because I was using the toilet when he called my name and also after an emergency stop, something from the back seat came under the pedals so I politely asked to pull over to sort it out and he tutted at me. I am getting really depressed over my driving because I commute to university and I would also like to change my job but I need to drive to get there! All my friends have passed first or second time, it is just me now that is having trouble!

EmeraldEyes19 Thu 14-Nov-13 23:45:52

I know exactly how you feel sad I failed my fifth test today and haven't stopped crying in hours, as soon as I calm down I get all worked up again sad I'm nineteen and have only got seven months left before my theory certificate runs out so the stress is on right now! All my friends have passed already so I feel like a loser sad completely understand what you mean about the examiner making everything feel scary, I've taken five tests and every one has been a nasty person towards me, I feel like I'm never going to pass sad but I really hope you pass soon!! God bless you smile thanks

leavesalmondoutofit Thu 14-Nov-13 23:52:40

Iam/was a nurse. Passed at the fifth attempt. I was so nervous. been driving for many years now.

Advice. Drive at every opportunity not just lessons. I think that helps with your decision making and that means you have a bit more confidence. I did not drive on my own before I had a licence I most certainly did not :0

Ummhudhayfa Sun 01-Jun-14 13:51:51

Failed my test third time yesterday . Actually started crying in front of emaniner ! One minor and one serious fault . Always the same issue stopping too closely behind large vehicles . I hope that's drummed Into my head now after nearly 600 pounds just on driving tests ! Next one booked already . This time am not ganna tell my daughter or my husband . Hope that helps !

jullmc Tue 24-Jun-14 13:45:47

The most important tips that will help you pass the test the first time is simple: practice and remain calm. Of course you know that you need to practice. Practicing with a trained experienced instructor is best but you should also practice the maneuvers that you have trouble with on your own. I hire instructor at special for training ia parallel parking

magpiegin Sun 29-Jun-14 19:40:00

I passed 6th time. I could drive fine but always got a major in the test. Just stick with it and you'll get there.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 29-Jun-14 20:10:16

I passed on my 3rd go (in 1988 when tests were much easier than they are now!). Tests 1 and 2 were horrendous.

Test 3 I nearly never went to after a friend had died in a car accident the previous week and I was still too shaken by it.

A friend convinced me that since I'd paid for it I might as well go just as a practice for my next test, so I went and just went through the motions assuming I'd fail, couldn't believe it when they said I'd passed. I firmly believe I only passed 3rd time because I didn't care so wasn't nervous.

If your driving instruction thinks you are ready its likely to be your nerves holding you back. Good luck next time!

nini10 Wed 19-Nov-14 21:52:31

I can undrestand you I faild my 6th test , maybe I chang my test center or maybe find a new instructor ,I realy dont know what go to do but I cant give up cos I spend so much money and time for thathmm

basebee Wed 03-Dec-14 12:39:49

My instructor is good but just like most people on the forum, it is silly mistakes that made me fail. i had failed twice, and i seem to have enough as well, i have my 3rd one booked, nerves.... let you know how iget on

selmiller Fri 05-Dec-14 07:31:17

You need to do more practice on it and as you said you are a teacher then you will also know that failing make everyone perfect and more accurate. So don't count your failure just find your deficiency for it, success is near smile

Passtheoryhelp Wed 04-Feb-15 08:28:11

Dear all,

Here is very good website for driving theory practice with English voiceover. You can get ready in few weeks.leeks.login today

lynnspeed Wed 13-May-15 14:48:48

Can I ask did u finally pass ur test I failed second time today and im totally gutted.i drive great on lessons and with my hubby but test day comes and fall to pieces ive been taking kalms leading up to both but on the test day I dall to bits x

Minaitani Wed 19-Aug-15 17:39:08

Hey did u eventually pass i failed today 3rd attempt was so mad angry

Kezza86 Wed 25-Nov-15 21:53:52

Just failed my third test today. The first test I took I failed for my steering which my instructor says was nerves. Second I was much more nervous and my kids knew about it so I thought I would be letting them down, I went over the speed limit. Today I moved off on a hill and rolled back slightly, used accelerator instead of brake to correct my mistake. My aim for this year was to pass. I feel like I have let everyone down now.

Patheticfallacy Wed 25-Nov-15 21:56:59

This was my thread from years ago! I passed on the 5th attempt and have been driving three years now. Don't give up!

chrome100 Mon 30-Nov-15 09:52:25

I failed 7 times. Just keep on going, you'll get there in the end.

If it's any consolation, I stopped caring after about fail number 3 and didn't even feel upset.

Branleuse Mon 30-Nov-15 10:01:31

I passed 7th or 8th time. Took me years. 3 times is nothing these days. Tests are harder than ever, and we have the second hardest driving test in the world. Second only to finland.

Patheticfallacy Wed 02-Dec-15 16:36:45

I did get there thanks, I'm the op and I've been driving three years!

winda28 Mon 15-Feb-16 12:37:49

Im curious, did you passed?

Patheticfallacy Mon 15-Feb-16 12:41:48

Yes! I have name changed since but I've been driving three and a half years

Rabia80 Sat 01-Apr-17 15:10:34

Hi everyone
Failed my third attempt. Completely shattered disappointed. Basically I'm a nervous person but struggling to learn driving for my kids and for my own self. Lessons ok. But test make me nervous. But this time I wasn't even nervous and made silly mistakes. On roundabout took evict on no through road. And overspeeding. Theory running out in June. Have lost faith in my abilities. Giving up means loosing the money and time I spent. But seems I can't get passed. Shall I keep practicing and taking tests. People ask oh u have been learning long and not passed yet. Comments like these make me feel low

skopu Sat 01-Apr-17 15:35:20

I passed on my 7th, so plenty of empathy here. I also used to be nervous although as months passed my confidence grew too high - -a couple of times I used my parents' car when they were on holiday-.

Book the next test asap, so they become routine.
Keep your self-belief - you're as good as most drivers out there, every day you see lots of silly mistakes made.

Have you tried Rescue Remedy, that's great for calming you.

I wouldn't recommend this but I went to lunchtime leaving drinks before my last test and had half a cider (the tester obviously had no sense of smell) and surprise surprise my nerves vanished. Not advocating this, I'm just saying whatever you can do to minimise nerves, legally, do it.

Also as a pp said, don't tell people the date of next test.

Positive thinking, you can do it, good luck!

Jazzywazzydodah Sat 01-Apr-17 15:36:51

Seventh test passed!

Don't tell a soul then if you fail no one will know. I used to put so much pressure on myself

Rabia80 Sat 01-Apr-17 20:26:18

Thank you everyone. Feeling better after your replies. Honestly lost my confidence yesterday but now trying to gather my self. I'm not alone. Many people struggling. God bless you all. Ur relies have me strength
Thanks 😊

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