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Rhiannon Wed 21-Nov-01 21:19:10

The best price I have so far is £85 (including my £3 off voucher from Amazon). Toys R Us have it for more. Freemans catalogue want £109 (slightly deranged). Can anyone better this price please?

I know I can rely on you ladies, thank you in anticipation. R.

P.S My DS was invested into the Beavers tonight, he looked so sweet in his woggle. Aah.

Robinw Thu 22-Nov-01 07:07:05

message withdrawn

Alibubbles Thu 22-Nov-01 14:51:40

£76 in Costco or at the airport if you are travelling abroad, Dixons will also throw in some batteries free and give you a discount if you buy lots of stuff. At the airport we got a further £100 of a video camera and extra battery (£50) and 4 video tapes and a carry case free!

Tigermoth Thu 22-Nov-01 17:47:31

Rhiannon, is your son still heavily into his Gameboy? I take it he is? I just wondered, because I have noticed in my son a slight waning of interest. He still plays with it and seems to enjoy it, but it comes out once or twice a week, not every day. He may well get a game for christmas, however.

Tigermoth Thu 22-Nov-01 17:49:10

PS Ahh the Beaver induction. I had tears in my eyes when my son had his. They look so smart, but so small....

Rhiannon Thu 22-Nov-01 18:35:32

Tigermoth, no so smart and so massive, he's 4ft 3" and still only 6. He's still dead keen on his Game Boy the only problem will be, how to sell his Game Boy colour and spare games without him noticing before Christmas! We bought it for him in May 1999 and he's hardly put it down since. But we do ration it to an hour a day this is why we thought the Advance would be a good investment.

Rhiannon Fri 23-Nov-01 09:52:30

Alibubbles,do I need to add VAT to the £76 at Costco? R.

Alibubbles Fri 23-Nov-01 12:13:40

Rhiannon, £76.36 including vat and they are in stock at Watford

Rhiannon Fri 23-Nov-01 17:32:56

Alibubbles, thank you. R.

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