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Little Italy 25

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Rosa Thu 29-Mar-12 11:23:07

Greetings, Ciao , Welcome , Benvenuto

Rosa Sat 26-Jan-13 10:31:42

Franca do what B does ..Bribe to get them. He does it ex premier and all that so don't see why the public can't do it as well.....
Cold and cold her today but sunny . Minirosa now doesn't want to be a bee ...vediamo domani!

MerlinScot Sat 26-Jan-13 11:52:04

Franca, I agree with Rosa... bribe them... that's the norm in Italy... they won't even be surprised or worse.. they expect that from parents... shock

LOL Rosa, is miniRosa mascherata da ape? I still remember the torture I stood for my Spanish ballerina... my mum is a tailor and she had made this fabulous costume.. but I hated it, especially the wig Hahaha

Rosa Mon 28-Jan-13 08:19:45

They had a great morning out, it was a great start to Carnival and sorry to say full of locals and few foreign accents...maybe as there was free food !!!!!! The regata was fun with lots of boats in costume and yes minirosa was a cute ape and dd a strega.... Keeping minirosa at home this week ...after yesterdays cold but crisp day its back to damp and dreary.

Francagoestohollywood Mon 28-Jan-13 14:56:36

grin shock, no, I'd never do that! Maybe in Berlusconi's world, but certainly not in our school! grin!

Awww, they must have had a lovely time Rosa! I would love to see the venetian carnival. So, when are you off, you lucky woman? We are going skiing the week of the 11th.

It snowed heavily here this morning, until about 11.30. Now it is just grey and miserable. I made cupcakes to cheer us up.

Rosa Mon 28-Jan-13 15:32:23

Friday malattia permitting...flu is still running wild here. It snowed again up to the edge of the lagoon and then stopped dh said it was wierd thick snow and as soon as you hit the bridge rain....the sea water is obviously still warmer than usual.

Francagoestohollywood Tue 29-Jan-13 14:37:29

Not long now!

MerlinScot Tue 29-Jan-13 21:34:14

Hello ladies, I hope you have great holidays, wherever you're going!! ;)

I went back to college (finally), so studying a lot again and no holidays until Easter!!

Hope you're not getting l'influenza sad

Rosa Wed 30-Jan-13 07:05:16

Minirosa and I have colds much for keeping her out of school !!!!!! However must start thinking about packing etc....

Francagoestohollywood Thu 31-Jan-13 14:03:35

Rosa, I hope you are both better today and... Buone vacanze!

Merlin, have a great time at college, non studiare troppo!

MerlinScot Thu 31-Jan-13 14:11:31

Rosa, buone vacanze!!

Franca, grazie but I think that won't be possible if I want to pass the exams :P

Francagoestohollywood Fri 01-Feb-13 12:14:20


BananaGio Sat 02-Feb-13 09:38:23

hi all how are you? Rosa I hope you are already having a fabulous time in the Canaries. The other day I could really smell spring in the air and the temp was notably warmer and it gave me a real voglia to be on a beach somewhere. Merlin what are you studying? Franca have you chosen ds's second language yet? Sputnik if you are around, happy birthday!
Well we took ds to his first Roma game yesterday and what a game to choose. Half the team have decided to get Zemen sacked after his remarks about them earlier in the week it seems and they were awful!Bar the lovely Totti who I cant help but have very soft spot for. But the main thing was ds absolutely loved it. He didnt shut up through the whole game, total running commentary on each player, was close to tears after singing the Inno at the beginning with emotion and was exposed to more Roman swear words than he has ever heard in his life to date! Was great though, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going to the stadium and even though we left15 mins before the end to avoid the lynching we feared may happen it was well worth it.

Francagoestohollywood Sun 03-Feb-13 14:27:43

Hi Gio,
I saw your pics and your ds looks over the moon! My ds also adores going to the stadium, dh usually takes him for the first match of the year, being juventini (something went wrong there hmm) they have to go to Turin. Ds is a fan sfegatato, like yours! Bless them.

No, I haven't enrolled ds yet. I think I will put him down for German, and then French as a third option. English is obviously 1st.

Sputnik Sun 03-Feb-13 15:53:35

Thanks for the birthday wishes, the entire family has flu here, so not really the best birthday, I'm feeling a little better today though so hopefully over the worst now.
Good to hear your DS enjoyed the football Gio, I went to the stadio once with my sister and although I don't enjoy football at all and the match was rather boring it was an amazing experience. I think it was actually Roma - Lazio too.

MerlinScot Sun 03-Feb-13 20:50:19

Sputnik, I hope you all feel better soon!!

BananaGio, nice to see you around smile I'm studying Scottish History at uni.

Franca, nice choice because I think German is more useful than French when you are in Italy. Although for me it was the worst language ever, if I think I must study it again now... OMG, I already tried to open the books many times and failed to get past the first 5 pages shock

Francagoestohollywood Mon 04-Feb-13 14:56:19

Sputnik, get well soon! How are things going? How are the dc? (apart from the flu, that is)

Merlin, ds will get into the "german" class only if there are the numbers (at least 22 children) and most importantly the funds to run it! He is adamant he wants to try German, after a taste session at school... we'll see, I don't speak a word of German, but I have been told that his good knowledge of English will help him, boh!

Sunny and even mild day here today at last! I hope rosa is having a lovely time in the canaries.

BananaGio Mon 04-Feb-13 16:16:42

poor you guys Sput, how are you feeling today? When will you hear whether there are the numbers for German Franca?
I envy you studying Merlin. I have started to think I would like to go back to studying. No idea what or how and certainly dont have the time but is a thought for the future

Francagoestohollywood Wed 06-Feb-13 10:06:15

I have no idea Gio grin

Basically alle medie they do 2 languages: English (3 hrs a week) and then 2 hrs of another EU language, so if they don't start the German class he'll learn French or Spanish. To be honest I think it would have been better to do 5 hrs of English. In other schools here in Milan they do Mandarin, usually schools in areas with a high % of Italo-chinese children!

MerlinScot Wed 06-Feb-13 12:45:08

Franca... Mandarin?!?! LOL

BananaGio, don't envy it... unless you meant study and work.. Would give one million pounds to find a job... Let's see if I can find some good job opportunities when we move down south....... I won't quit my studying but surely not as a full-time student anymore, it is useless... at a certain age, you can absorb only a small quantity of what you're taught and it is not worth to dedicate all your time to study...

BananaGio Thu 07-Feb-13 07:50:43

Would have to be study and work unless we win the lotto. So wont happen, just a dream. Where are you moving to down south Merlin?
franca quite a few of the schools here do mandarin now as well. Including one of the most renowned local state schools where I cant believe there are many italo chinese children there as the level of raccomandazione to get in there is extreme...

Francagoestohollywood Fri 08-Feb-13 11:01:43

I think it makes sense to study Mandarin, I don't think it is pretentious, it is actually wise,as would to teach arabic languages. Here in Milan it is taught only in a handful of school, one of them is the one in the Paolo Sarpi area, where there is a strong Chinese community.
But I would consider it a miracle if they managed to teach at least good English!!! grin

Where are you moving Merlin? We are going to London for a week in July, evviva!

Sputnik Fri 08-Feb-13 21:01:42

Finally over the flu here and kids back to school, hopefully that's it for this winter, it hasn't been a good one for us health-wise. DC are fine thanks Franca, no Mandarin but they can both count in Japanese now, thanks to aikido!

MerlinScot Mon 11-Feb-13 21:10:42

Hello ladies, we're moving to Cumbria, probably May or June... Franca, you will have fun!! smile We were hoping to go down to London too, during the summer... but now everything about the future is blurred...

Oh well forgot to post the big news!! I passed all the exams!!! Yippee!!!!!!

And...what kind of wind is blowing in Italy.. the Pope resigned?!?!?!? shock

BananaGio Tue 12-Feb-13 08:11:46

Well done re the exams Merlin! And cumbria is lovely. And yes shock re the Pope! Glad my family have already booked their flights for Easter as the prices are going to go sky high. (Gio slightly misses the scope and scale of this thing but hey...).

MerlinScot Tue 12-Feb-13 14:16:24

Yeah bananaGio, glad me and DH already booked our flights to Italy for Easter too!! ;)

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