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Little Italy 25

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Rosa Thu 29-Mar-12 11:23:07

Greetings, Ciao , Welcome , Benvenuto

Sputnik Mon 02-Apr-12 11:15:34

Thanks Franca, you distracted me into watching Caro Diaro, I'd never seen it.
Just before the Casalpallocco bit he goes round Spinaceto, which I live on the edge of.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 11:18:42

We had a nice Sunday we went with friends to a kind of agritursimo and teh dds had a ball. It was certainly colder yesterday and grey DH and I are in the middle of a mega dispute about his future however we have got to the not talking to each other part of the argument.....

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 13:24:34

Ah Spinaceto, yes, I remember that bit. To be hinest, to me Rome looks entirely gorgeous and green!

Oh dear Rosa, what do you mean his future? Are you still discussing whether to move back to the Uk or not? (nosey)

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:36:50

(gatecrashing yet again to squeal express excitement at being in Rome this time next week!)

but also to ask stupid question about how often onions and garlic are cooked and eaten together - did I dream up the notion that this is rare if ever? thank you for tolerating me . . . blush

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 13:38:34

lol! To be honest, I do often cook onion and garlic shock, especially in pasta sauces.

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:40:18

yikes! is there some authority we could turn to? will I have an opportunity to ask after papal mass - would he even know?! grin

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 13:42:39

No he wants to basically hand over the reins of the business to other people and sit back on his a**se and just take a salary ( which will be fixed). I say we can enlarge / improve on what we have and now is not the taime to hand over security. Today he has cleaned, tidied, hoovered and even washed the pan up from lunch wtf? All to prove he is capable of staying at home ..which is is not as he doesn't even know which drawer the dd's pants are in ! I don't mind going back to work but only if I know he could cope 100% - he can't! And I am bugge++ed of I am going to do both ...If we both worked then the situation would be different . I still want to go to the Uk for 6th form college and uni for the dds and we would need to invest in a flat or something in the Uk but again now is not the right time ! He is a bit of a 'hide my head under a stone person and hope a solution to the problem comes to the forefront' ....Oh well time will tell.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 13:43:26

I use a bit of garlic in sauces but dh doesn't like the taste that much so its subtle .. BUt I know loads who mix the 2 should we not ????

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:46:23

thanks rosa, just wondering where I got this idea from

maybe it is a restaurant thing, have definitely never eaten something that had both in

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 14:00:22

grin at the Pope. I bet he doesn't know. Plus, he is German grin!!!

Oh wow, Rosa. Why does he want to give up his activity? Is he overstressed? ANd would it be easy for you to get a full time job?

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 14:12:04

MIghty I bet you have but have never realised...

Franca yes he is a bit stressed but he fails to see the whole picture and only sees what he wants to see on some things. He will get bored in a matter of weeks only he thinks not , he will not be able to do anything else unless it is in nero and we all know how impossible that is now .
My job doesn't even exist anymore I could possibly apply for stagionale but its 6 years since I left the comp and so I doubt they would take me just like that. I could do a couple of other things ( accompagnatrice con patentino) I know of a few places that would take me on or I could go down the teaching route as I know I could get work easily ....However I don't know if I really want to. We could expand together with what we have or maybe link in with another company a larger one but he is just being so ( scusa) uomo del sud and wanting an easy life !

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 15:04:16

I totally see your point Rosa, and I agree. Seems such a pity to give up an activity that is already established.
I know that it is not easy to be self employed in such difficult times, but it is worth to carry on.
Can he take a holiday, maybe?

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 17:25:24

He will be rafting in a month and leaving me to run the ship ...I don't mind. A holiday for him is not really the solution as its just postponing the decision longer and things need to be decided now ....small factors influence the final decision. What bugs me is that he seems to have made up his mind but I just don' t agree with his reasoning and lack of ' the whole picture'. I told him before we got married that if he wanted to train as a rocket scientist or whatever that now was the time to do it not when we had kids etc as at that stage in time I could support the both of us. He chose not to! Arrgghh I can't put all the ins and outs on here ......

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 17:29:14

I totally understand where you are coming from Rosa, and I totally agree with you.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 18:14:27

Bless you Thank you.he has washed up the dinner plates and put the dds to bed they are now all reading stories ...( they have had a busy dopo scuola and are shattered)... Almost unhead of last 2 times I went to the gym I came back to a filthy kitchen. Mind you I have a cold coming and really don't want to go to they gym but I am going on principal.....

Francagoestohollywood Mon 02-Apr-12 18:29:54

Oh wow, looks like he is really trying to impress grin!

Buona gym, I am planning to go swimming first thing tomorrow morning, after school run.

Sputnik Mon 02-Apr-12 21:07:20

That sounds very frustrating Rosa, can he not work part time instead?

Rosa Tue 03-Apr-12 14:22:50

If he works less we have to pay the employee more so we get less money . However he said last night he has not decided but he will wait until fino anno. I see an opening in the market but he is just so negative won't even consider it. Basically in our piccolo we have a reputation for being , reliable, decent, helpful ( truist me in dh area of business its the opposite). All the guides we work with say they have never had such a service . Why could we not get together a few others in dh business who think the same as us and really promote this . I know the agenicies will come to us as this is what they want. he has just said his colleagues cannot do this, they are not reliable ( all 180 of them then ???)its too much work - promting , staying behind it ...erm excuse me what the 'F' do you think I can do ?
ANyway I have not given up yet as I know its something that really could be done its getting the right squad behind you .

Francagoestohollywood Tue 03-Apr-12 14:31:43

You are totally right Rosa. Also, I believe, tourists are becoming more and more aware and the demand for prompt, kind, reliable services will, imo, always be on the up.

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 09:18:28

If this is the start of the Easter holidays lord help me in the summer they are both driving me mad and its only 10 am....... Buona Pasqua

Francagoestohollywood Thu 05-Apr-12 11:25:04

Ooooh Rosa... I hope they've calmed down a bit.
I left mine this morning with dh so they did their homework while I went to the mercato...
Luckily a friend of ds is coming this afternoon, this means they mostly play and keep vaguely quiet and ds doesn't get to annoy dd. Well, hopefully.

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 15:06:39

We went out for lunch with friends so they were better . Now I need to go to supermarket just not sure if I can be bothered to take both only 1 means saying no once in the chocolate aisle.....dh was at home domani now he is working . I might try a friend round tom pm as well but I should tidy up so they can mess up IYKWIM.....

Francagoestohollywood Thu 05-Apr-12 16:59:14

I've already tidied up and hoovered a thousand times... they create mess out of nowhere, even when they watch tv, iyswim...

Bossi has resigned!!!

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 17:53:26

Really off to read the was about time as he really had lost the plot a bit too extreme. Who is going to replace him not the chap fromTreviso I hope ? I like Zaia he seems from what I can gather not super extreme but has some decent ideas.
Went to do shopping I can't tell you what the place looks like now.. I need more Ikea storage.....

Francagoestohollywood Thu 05-Apr-12 20:08:39

Ah, Ikea storage... I love it!
spreading some IKEA love...

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